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Who Cares if Violets are Blue, My Roses are Red!

My Roses are Red

Happy Anniversary Celebration Day to me!  The closest the florist could get to 33 years was 30 beautiful, perfect stems.  I opened the FTD box and unwrapped them from their tissue. I was thrilled when I discovered that my roses were red. They also came with the most informative instructions.  I usually throw this stuff away without a second glance, but now I’m a blogger….

my roses are red
30 Red Roses from my sweet man!


  1. Add flower food to about a quart of water.  FTD included the food in the package.
  2. Remove foliage that falls below water line.
  3. Cut stems approximately 2 inches and place in water immediately.


red roses

  • It takes about 2 hours for stems to properly hydrate.
  • It’s best not to place your vase near an air vent, in direct sunlight or near a heat source.
  • Keep them away from fruits and vegetables as they will shorten the life of your flowers.  Who knew?
  • Add water as needed.
  • On day 3, clean the vase, add fresh water and re-cut the stems.
  •  Buds open 2-3 days after stems are trimmed.

The perfect start to our celebration. He has reservations tonight at one of our favorite restaurants, and plans to hear a jazz band after dinner at the Grand Hotel. Whether it’s an anniversary, Valentine’s or a birthday, I wish you red roses, a little jazz and a memorable meal.


So, my roses are red and the empty nest is filling up with fun and memorable activities.

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