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White Trash Treasure-Metal and Glass Table

Repurposing furniture can be as simple as changing out the hardware or painting it a different color. I found these tables and transformed them into two Modern Metal and Glass Side Tables using spray chalk paint and a wee bit of creativity!


metal wood tables before

 Sorry for the blurry picture.


I was picking up another item when I saw these tables sitting off to the side of the seller’s garden shed. (Sorry this is the only picture I have of the tables before the makeover.) I knew immediately that I would change the color, but I loved the combination of wood and metal. I’ve had them in my garage now for months trying to decide what exactly I wanted to do with them.

I’m not a fan of wood that has an orange tint, so my first decision was what color to paint or restain them. The metal was a deep brown with flecks of gray throughout, so gray was my choice.

Metal Accents


Gray Paint with Amy Howard Dark Wax

I cleaned them and then took them apart. Each section of the legs came apart and the metal just slipped right off. After sanding the wood, I sprayed them with gray spray chalk paint. I sprayed 2 coats and let them dry for a couple of days. Then I added Amy Howard Dark Wax to the legs and put them all back together.

Rust-oleum Chalked Paint

I purchased two quarter-inch pieces of round glass and added them to the top. They are so pretty.

Metal Glass Tables

I think they will look great on a screened porch, in a sunroom or on a long front porch. They would look delightful in a den and are masculine enough for a mancave. Where would you use them? They are offered separately or as a pair.

Tables After

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Thanks so much for reading and following this little blog. I love adding a story to recycled or repurposed furniture or accessories.

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