What Would You Do In This Room?

I am helping a family member move into a precious, cozy home over the next few weeks. Here is a before of her kitchen nook.

Before: kitchen nook



Kitchen Nook

We would love your creative ideas for this kitchen nook. We’ve toyed with the idea of a bistro table, small love seat or window seat/bookcase. What would you do? Keep in mind the pantry door and air vent in the floor below window.

I will be asking for your ideas over the next few weeks. This is our first room to tackle. I will publish after-photos as we complete each room.


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8 thoughts on “What Would You Do In This Room?

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  2. Kim, if you were able to remove the pantry door, then I think it would be cute to put one of those low cabinet/bookcases with the cubbies to put baskets under the window…or a loveseat or low bench!

    1. Karen, I am thrilled to hear from you! Thanks so much for these suggestions. It will be so cute once we put her touch on things.

  3. At first glance of the area.. my thought is, a cute little bistro table. The pantry door?? Could you possibly take the door off and maybe do some cute painted shutter?? or maybe a cute curtain? That way, the door isn’t really in the way when it’s opened. You might find a cute area rug too.

  4. With the pantry door there, it will be a challenge. You could always remove the door, and use storage baskets to create the same storage area without having to have room for a door to open. then, it would be easier to place some sort of seating there. If there is another area for a table, I always like a cozy love seat in the kitchen for someone to sit and chat while I cook, or a good place to curl up with a book.
    What a fun adventure you are on!

    1. It will be a fun adventure! Thanks ever so much for your suggestions, great minds think alike. Another reader suggested removing the door, too.

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