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Weekly Special for 2/12/18

Weekly Special

This week, CoziNest is featuring our special Valentine’s Plates. They are the perfect addition to a nice quiet dinner at home with your significant other. Use them for appetizers, salads or desserts. 4 Piece Valentine Dessert Plates

Let your love shine. Don’t hide it under a bushel. NO! Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine! Add sweet love notes beneath the plates. Serve their favorite meal and dessert.

Invite a widow(er) to have lunch. Valentine’s can sometimes be a lonely holiday. Leave a card in your mailbox for your carrier. Surprise a hairdresser, housekeeper or nail tech with something sweet wrapped in pretty cellophane. Bake a cake for your church staff. Drop off a bag of apples to your local gym. Any small act of kindness will make you both feel great. Most of all… let your love shine!

Consequently, we are offering the special price of $11.50 for this set of 4 delightful plates. For the purpose of helping spread a little love around ourselves, these sweet hearts are discounted.

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Please share how you’ve let your love shine this week. It’s fun to spread it around!

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