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Vintage Night at The First Friday Artwalk

As part of our anniversary weekend this year, we attended the First Friday Art-walk as we sometimes do, and had a great time.  It begins at the Eastern Shore Art Center and for those of you who don’t know, it continues throughout downtown as merchants, art galleries and some businesses are open.  We stroll through the beautiful streets of downtown Fairhope and each business has either refreshments and/or adult beverages to welcome the “walkers.”  Other than donations to the art center, and some tip jars for the refreshments, it’s a free night.  It is a great opportunity for catching up with neighbors, making new friends and sometimes even running into old ones.

Eastern Shore Art Center


As we were leaving the art center, we ran into some old friends and talked for a good 30 minutes.  There is nothing like face to face social time.  I love blogging for that very reason. You do a lot of computer time, but you have to get out and see people in order to write about them.

One in particular that I want to feature today, is Trisha Bohlen.  She is well ahead of her time in recognizing the need for a retro shop in Fairhope.  She says, “there are shops like this all over the northeast, and since I have been a collector for over 20 years, I turned my passion into a business.” Her Fairhope Vintage Shop makes you smile, no matter your age, and it was such fun to be part of her grand opening.

Tricia Bohlen and associate enjoying a 60's style living room.
Trisha Bohlen and associate enjoying a 60’s style living room.
1950's Chalk-ware Lady Lamp with original lamp shade and skirt.
1950’s Chalk-ware Lady Lamp with original lamp shade and skirt.
Another unique piece. Egyptian-themed, artisan made vanity set.
Another unique piece. Egyptian-themed, artisan made vanity set.
1960-70's Swag Lamp
1960-70’s Swag Lamp

And new to Fairhope as well, is Trisha’s vintage clothing.

Such a cute handbag.
Such a cute handbag.

Her Pinup Couture clothing line is by Bernie Dexter from California, as well as Lindy Bop from the UK.  The prices range from $42-$125 and can be worn everyday or purchased for a special occasion, as a costume or just a one of a kind dress.

Even checking out is fun at this very retro, custom built desk.  I could have stayed in this shop all night!

1960's style desk.
1960’s style desk.

Her shop is located inside Dr. Music’s store at 9 N. Church Street.  It is a perfect fit with Dr. Music as his store is one of a kind as well.


My turntable is already spinning.  How about a suitcase speaker for Christmas?  Dr. Music uses vintage suitcases to make speakers.  Who’d a thought?  If you are interested, call soon.  There is a waiting list. Such a unique gift.

Two vintage people walking through vintage stores.  It was a good night.

As always, comments are welcome, compliments are loved.  If you stop in at either store, please tell them you read about them here.


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