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1 Velvet Covered Bench Transformed into an Exclusive Throne

Velvet Covered Bench

According to Napoleon Bonapart, “a throne is only a bench covered in velvet.” Well, my throne is finally complete and I can’t wait to show it to you. I chose a more subject-oriented fabric instead of velvet, but I still love the idea of being queen of something. So, my “velvet covered” bench is now a throne! Even if it’s covered in linen. I’m more of an ordinary duchess I guess, than a queen. 😉

My Bench is a Throne

Several months ago, I visited a favorite antique mall in Birmingham, AL. Irondale Pickers is wall-to-wall treasures and on this particular day, I struck GOLD! I found an antique bed with a curved footboard. And, it was marked $60. It had some damage to the footboard, so even at such a low price, I asked if this was a firm price. The shop clerk called the booth owner and they said they would take $30! I said yes, please and hurriedly paid before the owner called back to say they’d changed their mind. I saved the kingdom quite an expense.

antique bed

This antique was my “stag in the mist.” I had to save it.


Nothing like the idea of good save to cheer up a queen. No spoilers here.


footboard damage


Back to Reality

As I loaded the bed in my vehicle, I had a few problems. I had to unload and reload and pull from the front of the car and push from the back. After several tries, I finally got it in the back of my Range Rover SUV. Dignity was absent, but I was determined to get this to Fairhope, where my furniture guru lives. I immediately called my handy, furniture repairman and asked how soon he could get to it. I sent pictures of the damage and he assured me he could fix it. I was elated!


Turning an Antique Bed into a Bench

The minute a spot opened in his workshop, I dropped it off to begin the project. I showed him where I wanted it cut and how I wanted the footboard attached to the headboard. After a few weeks, Jeffrey sent me a photo of the finished piece.


Bed as a Bench


I sent out a decree to all my subjects. The queen has a throne!!! I drove my carriage right over to pick it up. I sent the royal seamstress the measurements of the seat and she had the 4 inch foam cut to fit the bottom. The linen and pillow fabric were sent over and I picked it all up yesterday. My crown is secure.


Curtsy Please! The Bench is Now a Throne


Velvet Covered Bench


The “velvet covered bench” – throne was placed in our foyer where bowing and curtsying have been a regular occurance for 24 hours. The queen of Sheba has placed Fall pillows for now, but Christmas decor is coming out next week. Another thing to love is that it can be a reading bench, foyer bench, small day bed for a royal grandchild, sun porch seat… the options are endless.

This is not my first bench makeover. I’ve also upcycled a few other pieces that you might like to take a look at. But, I can say without a doubt that this is my favorite.

Bench in Foyer

Bench with Halloween Pillows


Unfortunately, my iPhone photography was not the best. The royal photographer was not available to snap these shots. Ok, enough with the royal treatment! I am tickled with my linen cushioned bench. Napoleon likely wouldn’t agree that linen is a good substitute for a velvet covered bench. But, my throne is currently the crown of my recent furniture makeovers. Better Homes and Gardens has a great collection of makeovers. What do you think?

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