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Thumbs Up!

Simple things thrill me these days. A small little emoticon from a dear friend on Facebook is the inspiration for today’s post. Thanks, Twiggy! Last week I missed one of my 52 “generosity” posts due to nothing short of writer’s block and a severe case of boredom with my own blog. I know that you are all sitting by your computers just waiting to read what I have to say, (smirky face, wink-wink), so let me encourage you that there are more words in the well, today. You can let your breath out now. The drumming of fingers on the desk has ceased and typing resumed.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately and quoted one of the books on Facebook:

In the words of Twyla Tharp, “Destiny is, quite often, formed by a determined parent.”

Adding my own prayer:

May God bless each and every child with appreciation that reflects the hard work and sacrifice their parents made for those dreams.

My friend Linda, whom I affectionately call Twiggy commented with a simple thumbs up on that post.

Thumbs Up

Such a simple little gesture. But, like a child, it was as rewarding as a little red star stamped on a kindergarten paper. How often in your life have you “high-fived” someone for a job well done? Or given them the double thumbs up proclaiming how proud you are or that you simply agree with what was said? When was the last time you were patted on the back for your success? Smile.

We can speak words of affirmation that so many of us need, but just about every other gift we offer, we offer with a helping hand. We clap in adoration of a great performance. We snap our fingers to a happy tune, lace our fingers through those of our loved ones. We all have little hearts wrapped around our pinkies and present knuckle sandwiches to those who threaten the happiness of those hearts. We leave our fingerprints on whatever gift we offer.

We wave hello to our neighbors. On other days we wipe the sweat from our palms when the news from a loved one could be bad and later massage the stress away from those waiting, weary shoulders. Generosity can be shrouded in the mundane routines of the day. But, as I found with a simple thumbs up, it can also wave goodbye to writer’s block and remind me of a childhood nursery rhyme that brings a smile to a previously bored face. Just like when I was a child….

Do you remember…?

Here is the church and here is the steeple.

Open the doors and here are all the people.

As you, once again, turn those fingers up and wiggle them toward the sky… Smile, count your blessings and I hope you run out of fingers. Generosity in an emoticon. Who would have thought?

Here's the Church by Kathryn Fincher

Here’s the Church by Kathryn Fincher

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