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The 10 Rewarding Roles We Women Live Daily

The 10 or so Roles We Live By

On my “About Us” page I mentioned the roles we live by. Not rules. That’s not a typo. Hehe. Stephen Covey talks about our roles in life and how focusing on them can help us find our purpose in life. I find that especially true when we, as women, enter the empty nest stage of life. How many hats do you wear?

We are still mothers, but parenting adult children is different than it was when they were in grade school. We are still wives, but now we can focus more on each other as spouses than we could while taxiing the kids to and from baseball practice or ballet lessons. Our roles may be the same, but with different or expanded perimeters now that the nest has emptied. How have you adjusted? Are you in the early stage of finding perhaps a new role or are you full throttle into a new and joyful life?

I started this blog as my newest role after my daughter went to college. It has been a tremendous blessing. Then, I opened an antique booth and worked that business for 5 years. That too was a blessing, offering me a way to meet and make new friends, earn a little fun money and provide others a fun shopping experience in a local antique mall.

Writer - One of our Roles

Now, I’m returning to the role as writer, encourager, and hopefully friend to those who are interested in finding or improving their roles in life during the golden years.

Discovering Your Roles

Here’s a list of my roles to help you name yours.

  • Believer, Child of the King
  • Wife
  • Mother
  • Mother-in-love
  • Daughter/In-love
  • Sister/In-love
  • Grandmother (someday for me)
  • Friend
  • Neighbor
  • Writer/Blogger

Each week, as I plan my days ahead, I look at this list and brainstorm ideas of ways to bless those affected by the many hats I wear. How do you fulfill your roles?

The Spirit of Gardening

Emilie Barnes is another author who inspired me to live my best life. Check out these other posts to help you think through your roles or how to fulfill them.

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For instance, my role as believer leads me to study His word and pray in order to have a relationship with the Father. This one role filters down through all the others. He teaches me to prioritize what is important.

Just this morning I was reminded to seek His kingdom and all things like food, clothing and my very purpose in life will come to me. Speaking of clothing, there are so many different hats we women wear.

Please leave a comment describing your empty nest and how you are filling it these days.

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