8 Cute Before and After Thrifting Updates

Last month CoziNest was busy doing lots of thrifting updates. I decided to set up a work table in a bedroom and do several projects at one time. It was like a fun little assembly line of treasures. I absolutely love giving a little extra love to something someone else has decided has seen its best days. Enjoy these before and after thrifting updates. 

Before and After Thrifting Updates

thrifting updates

Here are a few of the projects. From left to right, a set of three green glass canisters, a French Cafe Clock in aqua, a sign that wasn’t selling in my booth and another little blank sign I picked up. Here’s what I did to each one. Let me know your thoughts.

Green Glass Canisters

I’m a YouTube addict now that my sister shared with me some of the channels she follows. After watching a DIYer use spackling to update some old glass vases, I thought I would try it on these glass canisters. I love how they turned out. What do you think?

set of 3 green canisters

Here are the three canisters with their lids.

Greased Lightning

First thing I did was lightly sand the glass, wipe off dust and then clean thoroughly with Greased Lightning.

DryDex Spackling

Next I applied spackling to the glass where I wanted to add texture. I allowed it to dry overnight. I then lightly sanded it again to smooth out any uneven places.

pink spackle on glass

Then I painted them with Valspar Paint and Primer. I stuffed the inside with plastic bags to prevent leakage of paint inside the jars. I wanted to keep the inside safe for food. Then I painted them with Dixie Belle White Mineral Paint.

three canisters after dixie belle paint

Dixie Belle Thrifting Update

I sealed them with Polyacrylic. And they are now in the booth, ready for someone else to love them.

white canisters


Small Stenciled Signs, Wall Hooks and Clock

Bath Wall Decor

Bath Decor

I think these turned out so cute! I simply painted them with primer and then black Dixie Belle paint. I picked up the stencil at Hobby Lobby and used white acrylic paint from my craft supplies.

wall hooks before

Here are the wall hooks before I painted and added a Silhouette vinyl to each.

his and her wall hooks
His and Her wall hooks


White tabletop clock

It won’t hurt my feelings if I have to bring this clock back home! I painted it white and lightly distressed the edges. 

I got word that my corner curio sold, so I needed something to replace it in the booth. I picked up a crescent shaped desk from Waterfront Mission in Foley and got to work on it pronto. I don’t like things sitting in the floor of my booth! And I fell in love with the shape of this desk.

Crescent Shaped Desk

desk front before painting

Someone had painted the legs in a shabby chic method and left the top in natural wood. I sanded the whole thing, cleaned the hardware, primed and then painted with Valspar Paint and Primer in one. I sealed with Polyacrylic. The hardware was not very pretty, so I spray painted it in an antique brass. I love how it turned out!

Backside of Desk

White Desk for Sale
White desk with gold handles.

For now it is loaded with great finds for my Valentine’s shoppers. Let me know what you like the best. There were two other candlesticks that somehow I didn’t get the before picture of, but here is how they turned out. They had a sticky residue on them in rusty red. After I cleaned them, the sticky went away. ;). So, I was pleased with the outcome. I loved the modern shape. I think they will fit in any decor, from Farmhouse to Modern.


white modern candlesticks

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I refurbished these few items. I hope it inspires you to save something from a landfill. If you like these ideas, please invite me back to your inbox. I only visit your inbox when I have some really fun updates, news or tips to share, about once per month. Thanks for reading today. Be blessed!

Vintage Fashion Accessories in Your Jewelry Box

Vintage Fashion Accessories in Your Jewelry Box

What goes around, comes around, right? That is particularly true in the fashion world. It is still true that pearls go with everything, vintage pieces mesmerize and mood rings change colors.

Vintage Accessory Mood Ring

Finding Vintage Fashion Accessories

If your mood calls for a little retail therapy, I have a few suggestions.

  • Stop by your local antique mall.
  • Visit estate sales.
  • Look through your childhood jewelry box.
  • Raid your mother’s jewelry box.
  • Shop ecumenical ministry thrift stores.

My favorite vintage jewelry to search for are opals, cameos, vintage costume brooches and bracelets.


The first piece of jewelry my parents gave me was an opal ring. On Christmas morning I slipped it on my finger and wore it every day until I got engaged. I have since passed it down to my daughter, but it is still one of my favorites.

vintage fashion accessories opal ring
vintage fashion opal ring



I have always loved the delicate carvings of cameos. While in China recently, we toured an cameo factory and I bought my first cameo brooch. They offered several colors but I wanted the original design carved from a carnelian shell.

vintage fashion accessories cameo brooch

The ring was a gift from my mom and I love wearing them together. This design is likely the one that caught the attention of Napoleon. It was the general who wore a cameo at his own wedding and then founded a French school of cameo carvers. And during the Elizabethan Age, cameos were used to adorn heroes and people in service to their country.

vintage fashion accessories cameos

Soon after, cameos became a status symbol for the wealthy and social classes. It is the delicacy and colors that I love. In particular, I love wearing them with navy, denim, emerald green and deep purple.


Shopping for vintage costume brooches can be both fun and frustrating. I search for good quality with metal backings and no missing gems or stones. As mentioned earlier, antique malls, estate sales, nice thrift stores, family jewelry boxes and some flea markets offer some luck in finding good pieces. Where have you found your favorite brooch?

Focus Your Lens on National Camera Day

June 29th is National Camera Day. I didn’t know either, so don’t feel too bad. This is going to be such a fun Friday! Take lots of photos and say thank you to the inventors who made it possible for us to keep records of family picnics on Independence Day, and so much more!

Smile for the Camera

Whether you are a collector or like to use cameras to add a touch of vision to a vignette, Daphne Antique Galleria has everything to make your National Camera Day a flash! There are beautiful photos of gorgeous, talented people.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly

Gene Autry

Gene Autry


Connection to the Past

black and white photo album


Stereoscope Viewer

Stereoscope Viewer

stereoscope cards

Stereoscope Cards

Hurricane Tracking

Photos that awe us.

black and white photo

Reminders of fashion, play and how far we’ve come.

Rare Finds for the Collector

8 MM Film Splicer

8 MM Film Splicer

Kodak Disc 6000

Kodak Disc 6000

Kodak Ektralite 10

Kodak Ektralite 10

Add a Touch of Vintage to Your Decor

Vintage Cameras with Case


Camera, case and dress form

Strike a pose with a fashionable camera case.

Reflections of God's Grace

French Blue Photo Banner

Picture Banner

Gone are the days of waiting for pictures to be developed. We take fewer trips to the drug store for our 4 x 6 glossy print. We are our own photographers now. We take lots of selfies. Little did we know that the instant cameras of the past were antiquated before they hit the shelves.

So as you celebrate #NationalCameraDay, plan to get some shots of our patriotism next week. Here are a few tips for getting pics that make your friends shutter with envy!

Red White and Say Cheese

  • Have children wear red, white and blue sunglasses.
  • Get close for pictures of hands holding sparklers.
  • Hang banners, flags and ribbons on your porch. Take family photo with everyone holding a small flag or wearing a red, white and blue hat.
  • Decorate a red flyer wagon and snap a shot of pets wearing patriotic bandanas.
  • Photos of family members eating watermelon, ribs or corn on the cob.
  • Beach photo of family wearing red and blue, with sand as your white prop.
  • Kids draw flags with sidewalk chalk and sit beside them.
  • Create a fun photo booth with flags, hats, sunglasses, sparklers.

Have fun and feel free to share your photos, vignettes or collections on my Facebook page.

Happy 4th

Decor Fusion: How to Combine Vintage with Modern Elements

Welcome to CoziNest, Gary Ashton

Gary is a realtor in Nashville, TN and contributed the following article to help homeowners and/or stagers combine vintage with modern elements in our homes. Thank you Gary, for allowing CoziNest to feature your tips and advice. We are honored.

Decor Fusion: Tips for Combining Vintage with Modern Elements in a Home

There is something to be said for the craftsmanship of vintage or antique furniture. Many of these items last for generations. While the standard living room set often feels stale and downright boring; vintage elements add personality and variety to a space. The mix of vintage with modern elements can make a room pop. 

That being said, there is an art to mindfully combining disparate elements from different periods. Consider personal style and functionality when incorporating items from different periods. Use the following suggestions to add inspiring twists to living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and more.

Choose with Thought

Key pieces of furniture add a particular feel in a home and bring in a sense of history. However, not every vintage piece or antique is worthy of your space. Look for vintage and antique items in good or excellent condition.  Joints should be secure. There is little point to choosing items that need significant repair. Items constructed from real wood make them an excellent choice to anchor a room. 

Vintage with Modern Decor

Minimalist Style with a touch of vintage. Your eye is drawn to the clock and the chest adds a feminine touch.

Design Around the Piece

Furniture is often chosen to demonstrate the function of a space, which is why people often prefer staging their home when it’s up for sale. A beautiful headboard, vintage dining table or accent chair provides inspiration to the rest of a room or area. Other items worth considering when designing a room include wall art or a larger mirror. Partner these choices with vintage-inspired modern items.  Be consistent in applying specific trends or principals to a design to achieve overall harmony. Keep lines and shapes similar when pairing different pieces.

Keeping similar lines

You see modern with vintage here with the placement of antique brass candlesticks on the mantle. The curves of the center table coordinate with the transitional rug and the straight lines of the sofa reflect the lines of the mantle.

Pick Colors and Patterns

A little research into colors and patterns of the period go a long way in drawing out a particular theme. Look at images of the period to see how specific patterns and colors were used. Different colors from the 50’s or the Victorian period incorporated in modern living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens add whimsy and personality.

Color and pattern also add energy to a room and modernizes vintage furniture. Reupholstered older pieces, colorful textiles and prints add necessary brightness to generally neutral-colored spaces.  Throw in a pillow, add a centerpiece to the table or a bowl of fruit in the kitchen. Color, when used consistently, creates a cohesive appearance in a room with mixed elements and furniture.

adding color

Keep Scale Consistent

Whether it’s high or low, the scale in a room should be similar. High backed chairs feel ill-placed next to low and wide mid-century pieces. A small carved love-seat looks out of place near overstuffed seating. Maintain similar heights in order to make arrangements of furniture blend well together.

Plan the Space

Are you planning a formal room or a more relaxed space? Designers and homeowners should share the same objective.  Select a particular theme and adhere to the specified principals as you design the space. The addition of pieces from different periods offers a cohesive feel and look to the room. 


It is not hard to mix elements if one is mindful of the general layout. Remember to distribute elements equally and do not simply clump all items of one period together. Balance is about the integration of vintage furniture with contemporary pieces. The eye finds harmony in a design with styles spread throughout a space strategically.

Bring old and new together. Arrange your furnishings in delightful ways. Visitors will want to come in and stay a while.

Photo by Bruce Mars


Gary Ashton REALTOR®
The Ashton Real Estate Group of RE/MAX Advantage
210 12th Ave South, Suite 201
Nashville, TN, 37203


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Vintage Double Globe Lamp


Breaking News! This amazing, vintage double globe lamp is in-the-booth and ready to take home now. Top quality item at this price won’t last long so hurry in to seal this deal. Take home this charming, Victorian-inspired table lamp with a painted floral pattern on the top and bottom glass.

Vintage Double Globe Lamp

It has the beautiful key light switch and creates soft, ambient lighting.

Vintage Double Globe Lamp

Regularly priced at $240.00.  On sale now through 4/13/18 at $216.00.

This beautiful vintage table lamp is patterned after the classic oil-burning lamps from the Victorian era. The design features a hand-painted floral pattern on green glass, a clear glass chimney and antique brass finished metal components. The lower globe lights as the perfect night light.

Ideas That Say Happy Valentine’s Day!

When Cupid shot his dart, he shot it at your heart. ~ Buddy Holly

Hearts. Flowers. Chocolate.  Cherubs. Candy. Cards. What do you think of when you want to say Happy Valentine’s Day? Here are a few ideas to help remind her that you are still sweethearts and always will be…

Valentine’s Vases

Valentine's Vases

You can never go wrong with an antique vase filled with their favorite flowers. And, if their favorite flowers are not grown locally, a beautiful antique vase overflowing with grocery store bouquets will still melt her heart.

Splashes of Red Make a Sweet Fashion Statement

Round Hand Bag


Red Hat and Scarf

Pink Tassel Necklace

Pink Bead Bracelet

Red Hat

Say I LOVE YOU All Around Your Home

Red Accessories

A touch of red in your picture frames, candle holders and lamp shade.

Parasol and Flowers

A pretty antique platter to add to your love story.

Rose Petal Pillows

Have her rest her beautiful face on rose petals.

Mixed Textiles for a Pretty Valentine's

Animal print mixed with red or pink make a striking arrangement.

Love is in the Air

Love blooms everywhere.

Sweet Hearts for Breakfast

Breakfast served with hearts will start her day off  perfectly. Add her favorite muffins with the date you first met written on top and you’ll recapture her heart.

Red Wine Glasses

Share a sip of wine in beautiful glasses.

Resting Cherub

A golden cherub at peace in her sleep… Share that you want her to always rest in the fact that you love her.

Red Velvet Says Happy Valentine's

An extra chair for Christmas, Valentine’s, Patriotic Holidays… The red velvet seat can be used all year long.

Be My Valentine

Vintage Valentine’s are all the rage. Ask him/her to be yours always and forever with something different.


Happy Valentine’s Day from CoziNest and Daphne Antique Galleria!