10 Valentine’s Day Gifts We Love

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the day we celebrate love. We now have Galentine’s for those who aren’t a couple. It has thankfully become a day of love for lots of others, beside our significant others. The “love” industry includes chocolates, flowers, jewelry, baked goods, greeting cards and on and on. Why not spread the love all around with a few Valentine’s Day gifts?

Valentine gift giving starts in elementary school with homemade cards, tissue flowers, parties and lots of candy hearts. In this post, we’ll provide a list of 10 gift ideas that range in age from 5 to 95. Some are gifts to purchase, some are ideas of things to do with your lovie and some are recipes to try. 

This or That Valentines Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day Gifts Spread Cheer, Love and Gratitude

Since 2020 was more difficult than most years, this list includes ideas for staying in and making our gifts with our own hands. Our medical masks have covered more than our mouths and noses. More than ever, we need a real touch, sincere smile and gesture of genuine love. Seniors need to hear they are loved, children miss their friends and couples need a minute alone together for a refresher course in true romance. 

“Sometimes you get caught up in trying to be successful in school or in your social life, and [we need a] reminder not to forget that each day people are getting older. Nobody is promised tomorrow, so we should make sure that we spend quality time with quality people. ~ Anthony Hamilton, Back to Love

What better purpose for Valentine’s Day than to celebrate love for all?

10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for All Ages 

#1 Gifts for Kids

Scavenger Hunt for Fun

Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt for kids

This family attaches chocolate hearts to each clue for each child. There’s a different color for each child and gifts at the end of the hunt.

#2 Breakfast for Valentine’s Day

The Love Notes Blog shares a simple idea for waffles, sprinkles, and fruit with lots of balloons. While this idea is geared specifically toward the kiddos, it can be equally fun for adults. Add pretty dishes, a couple of mimosa’s and a sweetly wrapped gift to make a lovely start to the day.

Valentines Day Breakfast


#3 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for a High School SweetHeart

Holidappy includes ideas for high school sweethearts. They include school flowers sold by clubs, teddy bears, cards, candy and flowers delivered to the classroom by a local florist. This giver will get lots of extra credit! There are also tips here for helping teachers make students feel special.


valentines teddy bear


#4 Gifts for Couples to Pick up at the Local Vintage Mall


CoziNest Vintage Decor

I would be remiss if I failed to mention all the great options in Booth #115 at Southern Antiques & Accents. CoziNest Vintage Decor offers jewelry, spa products like wraps, robes and headbands. There’s a box for love letters, champagne flutes, heart shaped dishes or trinket trays, silk-like pillow cases and gorgeous vases for a quick supermarket arrangement.

#5 Victoria Magazine’s Cookies and Brew for Mom’s or Seniors

Cookies and Latte

A lovely tray of sweet wafers with a warm latte and pretty dishes? Who wouldn’t love this little surprise on Valentine’s Day? Since we are staying in more now, it’s important to find ways to show our love and appreciation within the walls of home. While, Victoria shares the recipe for these delightful cookies, decorating store-bought cookies with the children and serving them on pink dishes will make Mom happy, too!

#6 Beautiful Dinner for Two

A table for two is perfect to refresh that feeling of true love. If it’s difficult to come up with an idea for just the two of you, here are 9 ideas from a previous post here on CoziNest.

set of three rose bouquets


#7 Agape Love Game for all Ages

This game is number seven for a reason. The number 7 represents infinity in several cultures and especially where love and forgiveness are concerned. In Matthew 18: 21-22, we learn that we are to forgive an offense 70×7 times. There’s no greater love than that of our Lord, so this game is the perfect addition to this list.

I heart you.

The game, Valentine’s Day Escape Room takes students back in time where they will solve mysteries related to Agape Love by decoding puzzlesanswering questions, and breaking secret codes! This “Print & Go” activity can be used at home, church, or school.

#8 Plan a quick getaway for the weekend

Veranda magazine has 18 different places to get away for a weekend of love. They suggest we cultivate our relationships with time away from it all.


#9 Write a simple love letter to anyone in your life.

Post a Letter


#10 Make a reservation at your favorite restaurant

camellia cafe fairhope al

We made our reservations on the first day of February. I strongly encourage you to make them soon. With social distancing, limited seating and everyone so eager to get out of the house, I assume restaurants will fill up quickly. On a personal note, find something your man/lady loves and order it as soon as possible. Shipping is also taking longer.

Showing to Love to All

There’s never been a better time (in my humble) to show others how much you care about them. Last year was a doozie, so spread some cheer! I’d love to hear in the comments what you are doing for your family this year.

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9 Romantic Tablescapes for Valentines

Romantic Tablescape

Table for Two Blog Hop

What is romance to you? Is it snuggling by the fire? Hiking through nature with the person of your dreams? Or is it the definition given by Merriam-Webster?

“A feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.”

I am a “romantic” at heart and love all things related to adventure, imagination and just about anything that creates an escape from the everyday routines of life. So, when approached by Chloe of Celebrate and Decorate to join a group of extremely talented ladies in this tablescape bloghop, I was quick to “hop” on board. It is an honor and a pleasure to be a part of this group of bloggers.

In addition, I decided to add a few tablescapes from across the web to share ideas for using vintage and antique pieces. Let me know your thoughts.

Preparing the Table

A dear friend of the family cleaned out some of her china recently and gave me several pieces from her collection. It’s a double honor today, to use some of her treasures.


Lenox Pinafore

The floral salad plate is part of her Lenox, Pinafore pattern.  It’s such a delicate pattern of pinks and greens, I thought it perfect for a romantic tablescape.

Cakeplate in Tablescape

The depression glass bell was a gift from my sweet sister. I found the crystal and brass votives at a local flea market. Pulling it all together for a romantic dinner with my hubby, was the most fun of all. Yes, it’s a bit fru-fru for a man, but he loves me regardless!

A Feeling of Excitement



Nothing more fitting to scatter across the table than a few SweetTarts. My daughter and I LOVE them! It was a challenge to arrange them on the table without eating them.


a toast on Valentine's

My mother-in-love gifted these champagne flutes to us one Christmas. They are pink stemmed from the Breast Cancer Awareness Shop for a Cure.


Scattered hearts
Scattered hearts also represent our families that live in different places all over the country.
paper rose napkin rings


A Little Mystery

As the sun begins to set, I plug in the lights beneath the table for a little extra ambiance.

crystal votive


sneak peak


gold and crystal votive


Cupcakes for Two

The French chairs are his and her antiques. How fun that he has his chair with elevated arms and I have mine… with more relaxed arms. It’s like the chair has been pulled out for me by more than one gentleman….my man and the creator of this chair from generations ago.


A couple of gifts for the man who is the absolute love of my life. He is a server, provider, giver and wonderful father.  I am blessed to be his wife.


valentine presents


gold and crystal votive

Light the candles…




The cupcakes for the cupcake stands are on the way…


Candlelit dinner



Romantic Tablescapes from Across the Web

romantic tablescape for Valentine's

You can find vases like these in antique malls, like Southern Antiques & Accents ;), thrift stores or big box stores. If you run across crystal or glass candlesticks pick them up. Then if you find discarded votives or pendant lights, glue them together for a custom look on your table.

Valentine Lantern Table

Look for a beautiful old lantern like this and add red or white candles with flower petals. Set your table with white dishes, add red and crystal glassware for a quick and sweet table.

Valentines Ornament Centerpiece

What a simple centerpiece! Fill a large bowl with red ornaments, beads and heart garland, a hurricane glass and candle.

rose tree centerpiece

This centerpiece would be super easy to make with a floral foam cone and a whole bunch of Dollar Tree roses. Check your local antique mall for red glasses, vintage tablecloth and runner.

set of three rose bouquets

The tablecloth, dishes and rose bouquets on the table are striking. Look for square vases at antique malls or thrift stores, purchase red twine, a Quick Water Floral Kit and a faux rose bouquet to make your own centerpieces.

hearts and roses centerpiece

This whole centerpiece could be purchased from the Dollar Tree or a thrift store. So pretty!

dramatic valentines table

I saved these two examples for last because they are my absolute favorite. I am in love with the rose balls. These could be scaled down for a dinner for two or used for a wedding reception in any color.

luxurious valentines table

Ready for a nice evening at home. If only the weather would cooperate! Snuggling by the fire is my favorite.

For more inspiration for your romantic tablescape, visit these talented and adventurous bloggers.


From My Carolina Home |  | Everyday Living | Home is Where the Boat Is


Life and Linda | My Kentucky Living | Living With Thanksgiving | CoziNest


Belle Bleu Interiors | Rosemary and Thyme | Dining Delight | Fjolla’s Table |Bluesky Kitchen


Panoply | Celebrate & Decorate | Sweet Sensations | The Painted Apron


Love Letters of the Past

Are you inspired by things from the past? I am! Love letters between famous people in some way motivates me to write sweet things to the love of my life. In other ways, I laugh and think, really? This is a love letter?! Well, no matter how they inspire you, here are a few examples for the month of love.

As you read through these love letters of the past, may I encourage you to write a love letter to a special person in your life? After the year we’ve had, it could truly cheer someone to know they are still loved and thought of with warm affection.

If you need other items to help with the writing, visit Southern Antiques & Accents for more inspiration. I personally love to find a vintage piece and imagine who sat at this desk, who posted a letter in this chair? You just might find a vintage piece that you can’t go home without.


Love Letters of the Past


Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn


I beg to know expressly your intention touching the love between us. Necessity compels me to obtain this answer, having been more than a year wounded by the dart of love, and not yet sure whether I shall fail or find a place in your affection.”


Little Things has a list of other love letters, that you’ll find interesting; including Elizabeth Taylor, Napoleon Bonaparte and Johnny Cash to June Carter.


love letters of the past


What a beautiful writing desk! Does this get your creativity fired up?


Zelda Fitzgerald to F. Scott Fitzgerald


Darling – I love these velvet nights. I’ve never been able to decide … whether I love you most in the eternal classic half-lights where it blends with day or in the full religious fan-fare of mid-night or perhaps in the lux of noon. Anyway, I love you most and you ’phoned me just because you phoned me tonight – I walked on those telephone wires for two hours after holding your love like a parasol to balance me.’


painted writing desk


writing love letters


These vintage typewriters would be perfect for an “olde” letter to a new friend or for a touch of vintage decor. I picture them on a large desk or in a white bookcase. They would make a great gift to a writer, marketer or typist from a day before Microsoft Word.


I love you and I might marry you.
Jacob. ”


This one made me laugh. That word “might”!
stationary for love letters
This beautiful stationary would inspire anyone to write a love letter by hand. When was the last time you used cursive?
writing desk and chair

George Bush to Barbara Bush


This love letter was written after their engagement was announced.


“This should be a very easy letter to write—words should come easily and in short it should be simple for me to tell you how desperately happy I was to open the paper and see the announcement of our engagement, but somehow I can’t possibly say all in a letter I should like to. I love you, precious, with all my heart and to know that you love me means my life. How often I have thought about the immeasurable joy that will be ours some day. How lucky our children will be to have a mother like you…”


Desk and Cane Seat Chair


The following is from my very favorite love story of all time, with the exception of the love of Jesus. I have watched everything I can find about Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. I love their story.


Prince Albert to Queen Victoria


Dearest deeply loved Victoria, I need not tell you that since we left, all my thoughts have been with you at Windsor, and that your image fills my whole soul.Even in my dreams I never imagined that I should find so much love on earth. How that moment shines for me still when I was close to you, with your hand in mine. Those days flew by so quickly, but our separation will fly equally so. Ernest [my brother] wishes me to say a thousand nice things to you. With promises of unchanging love and devotion, Your ever true Albert.


Queen Victoria and Prince Albert


So who will you write a love letter to this Valentine’s? Will you write it by hand? Add a personal note to a greeting card? Or would you love the opportunity to type out your feelings on a vintage typewriter?


Vintage typewriter



As always, you can find all of these items and more at Southern Antiques & Accents in Fairhope, AL 36532.

Weekly Special for 2/12/18

Weekly Special

This week, CoziNest is featuring our special Valentine’s Plates. They are the perfect addition to a nice quiet dinner at home with your significant other. Use them for appetizers, salads or desserts. 4 Piece Valentine Dessert Plates

Let your love shine. Don’t hide it under a bushel. NO! Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine! Add sweet love notes beneath the plates. Serve their favorite meal and dessert.

Invite a widow(er) to have lunch. Valentine’s can sometimes be a lonely holiday. Leave a card in your mailbox for your carrier. Surprise a hairdresser, housekeeper or nail tech with something sweet wrapped in pretty cellophane. Bake a cake for your church staff. Drop off a bag of apples to your local gym. Any small act of kindness will make you both feel great. Most of all… let your love shine!

Consequently, we are offering the special price of $11.50 for this set of 4 delightful plates. For the purpose of helping spread a little love around ourselves, these sweet hearts are discounted.

Other specials you may find enticing can be found by clicking here.

Please share how you’ve let your love shine this week. It’s fun to spread it around!

Ideas That Say Happy Valentine’s Day!

When Cupid shot his dart, he shot it at your heart. ~ Buddy Holly

Hearts. Flowers. Chocolate.  Cherubs. Candy. Cards. What do you think of when you want to say Happy Valentine’s Day? Here are a few ideas to help remind her that you are still sweethearts and always will be…

Valentine’s Vases

Valentine's Vases

You can never go wrong with an antique vase filled with their favorite flowers. And, if their favorite flowers are not grown locally, a beautiful antique vase overflowing with grocery store bouquets will still melt her heart.

Splashes of Red Make a Sweet Fashion Statement

Round Hand Bag


Red Hat and Scarf

Pink Tassel Necklace

Pink Bead Bracelet

Red Hat

Say I LOVE YOU All Around Your Home

Red Accessories

A touch of red in your picture frames, candle holders and lamp shade.

Parasol and Flowers

A pretty antique platter to add to your love story.

Rose Petal Pillows

Have her rest her beautiful face on rose petals.

Mixed Textiles for a Pretty Valentine's

Animal print mixed with red or pink make a striking arrangement.

Love is in the Air

Love blooms everywhere.

Sweet Hearts for Breakfast

Breakfast served with hearts will start her day off  perfectly. Add her favorite muffins with the date you first met written on top and you’ll recapture her heart.

Red Wine Glasses

Share a sip of wine in beautiful glasses.

Resting Cherub

A golden cherub at peace in her sleep… Share that you want her to always rest in the fact that you love her.

Red Velvet Says Happy Valentine's

An extra chair for Christmas, Valentine’s, Patriotic Holidays… The red velvet seat can be used all year long.

Be My Valentine

Vintage Valentine’s are all the rage. Ask him/her to be yours always and forever with something different.


Happy Valentine’s Day from CoziNest and Daphne Antique Galleria!

50 Shades of True Love

This week’s Fashion Friday is all about..

50 Shades of True Love

With all the hoop-lah about the 50 Shades of Grey movie coming out today, I thought we’d take Cozi Rosie on a little 50 Shades of a-different-color-trip to downtown Fairhope. How about 50 Shades of True Love?


50 Shades of True Love 50 Shades of True Love

There’s just the right amount of love, adoration and timidity in this lovely pink number from M & F Casuals.

Hugs and Be Mine

50 Shades of Love: from pink to bright red.


50 Shades of True Love

Pink Shorts, tank and Bed Jacket… 50 Shades of Sweet.

Be My Valentine

And for the lady, who just wants to be comfy…red is the perfect shade of love.

Red Comfy PJ's

Peeking Cozi Rosie

Cozi Rosie was a bit shy in this number…But, somehow, we coaxed her out of the dressing room…

Red, White & Black

Slipper on Heart Pillow

Don’t forget your slippers, ladies!

The perfect shoe will set just the right mood for whatever shade of love you’re in.

Zebra Sports Bra

A little animal print never hurt anybody…

In the words of Christian Grey, “Laters, baby.”

Happy Valentine’s Day

 A huge THANK YOU to M & F Casuals in Fairhope, AL for providing the clothing and props for this post.