National Pizza Month for the Happy Couple


Tell me. What could be better than a romantic lunch of pizza and a glass of wine? Answer: A happy couple celebrating their engagement with a view of the sea on a cool October day! Here are a few recipes to take your favorite pie into National Pizza Month.

Fall Pizza Recipes for You and Your Honey

This scrumptious recipe was discovered at Strawberry Blondie Kitchen. Apples, bacon and caramelized onions!

October – National Pizza Month must include Pumpkin!

Pumpkin Pizza

Love Lola has a delightful Fall Pizza recipe that, of course, includes pumpkin. She loves it so much her family has it more than once a week. If your kiddos like pumpkin, this would be a special tradition to start on Halloween night. A little pumpkin before they carry their little pumpkins trick or treating.

fall pizza recipe with figs

I must admit that as a child I hated figs. But my oh my! The combination of figs, prosciutto and fresh mozzarella that Rachael adds over at Spache the Spatula is one of the most unique flavors ever! Then the drizzle of Balsamic takes it to a whole new level!

Ok, so maybe you are more of a traditionalist with your pie. I’ve got you!

October National Pizza Month

So, I thought I would “wrap things up” with this scary little pizza…. get it? Mummy pizza… wrapped up? I crack me up.

Tipbuzz will have you in stitches. They’ve added little bandaids of pepperoni and a monstrous amount of cheese. And … oh! oh! oh!….wouldn’t it be a scream if you proposed with the ring falling out of this little mummy’s mouth? I kill me!

Your love will preserve this month as one of their favorites of the year with all of this attention to their comfort. And no matter what your favorite is, share it while enjoying a gorgeous view, a glass of Chianti and the laughter of your beloved.

Chianti with wine

Happy National Pizza Month Everyone!