Thrifting with my Bestie in Baldwin County, AL

I love thrifting with my bestie! She lives about 40 minutes away from me. Yes, in ways, that’s sad, but in others, it makes for great Beth Days as I so lovingly call them. After such a year, these days have become even more priceless. Just getting out of the house cheers the soul, but spending the day in the presence of pure sunshine is like a shot of vitamin C. That is what a day of thrifting with my bestie is like for me.

The day begins with a mission of keeping treasures out of a landfill. This can be accomplished by venturing out into neighboring counties, as well. I love going to Mobile, Pensacola and even Birmingham on some shopping trips. At some point, a quick stop at my favorite consignment shops, or any special clearance sales going on nearby, make for a great day of shopping.

Add to that the value of supporting local charities like Waterfront Mission and a delicious lunch at the end of it all, and you have the makings of a wonderful, Covid-conquering day. If you, like me need a day out, let me encourage you to call your bestie and go thrifting!

thrifting with my bestie

Items Found While Thrifting with my Bestie


Here are the 3 thrifted items that she helped me pick out this month, and a few others that I’ve had in my stash for a while. I love shopping with Beth because she has a really good eye, has no trouble helping me spend my thrifting dollars 😉 and it always turns into a day of laughter including a couple of really deep belly laughs.

1) The first find of the day was this pair of wooden shelves.

I can’t wait to paint these. I’m trying to decide at this point whether they will end up in my house or the booth. What do you think? Paint them white? Gray? Leave them as is?

wooden shelves


2) Small round table.

My goal for the day was to find a small piece of furniture to paint white – because everything I paint white flies out of the booth in a matter of days. I forgot to snap a picture before I started painting, but here it is in painting stages.

thrifting with my bestie

Here’s the table in progress.

small round table one coat paint

Why hasn’t this chair sold???

There’s only one exception to my white-painted items and I still can’t quite figure it out. If you have any suggestions please share. This is a cane-backed folding chair that just hasn’t sold as quickly as I thought it would. My thought when I purchased was that since it is cane-backed and it folds away for easy storage, that it would fly right out of the booth, like everything else. But it hasn’t. I did reupholster the seat in a neutral ticking pattern. Should I change that to something more colorful? It’s only $25!

white folding chair

small round painted side table

Here is the table

3) Collection of small pitchers and cups.

Some of these will go to the booth as is to use as a vase for flowers. The others will be home to my new candle line. Post to follow about this new venture.

small pitchers collection

4) Carved Wooden Vessel

wooden carved vessel

painting a carved wooden vessel

work station

White Painted Vessel

This little treasure ended up in my keeping room. I’m using it to store coasters for that morning cup of coffee or evening glass of sweet tea!

thrifted update

Thrifting can also be a great way to put together a great wedding gift by beginning with a fun picnic basket.This is one of my favorite diy gifts I’ve ever put together. And it was a big hit with my cousin. Wedding night snacks with a bottle of champagne, glasses, chocolates, nuts, chips, bottled water and some really pretty wedding napkins. Then, of course, the basket can be reused for anniversaries or just a fun summer day. Click on “picnic basket” above to see the transformation with a little paint.

Wedding Night Picnic

Yes, this was a great day thrifting with my bestie! How do you spend your days out of the house these days? Let me encourage you to go thrifting! Better yet, bring your bestie to see all the new finds in my booth!

Thanks Beth, for a great day out! Hugs!


No, I’ve not lost mine! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. But not only are all my marbles securely rattling around in my head, but I also have a couple of “marbles” to share with you from the CoziNest booth in Daphne, AL.

If you follow the trends on Pinterest or follow any particular home decor designers, you will see that marble is back with a vengeance. There are marble wallpapers, stationery, office supplies, countertops, backsplashes and the list goes on. Well, I was fortunate enough to find two “marbles” that I’ll be happy to keep if they don’t sell. Here is the before of one of the side tables.

Vintage Side Table Before
I love them! The top is white marble with gray veining, so I thought the base would be striking in gray as well. Here is the after:

Vintage Side Tables After
They are in my booth now at Daphne Antique Galleria for $300 for the pair. I will bring them home as nightstands in a guest bedroom if one of you lovely people do not snag them first. If you only need one, they sell individually for $175.

In addition to the “marbles”, here is another fun piece; should you be looking for a new lamp. Unfortunately, I do not have a before picture, but it was old and out of style.

Updated Lamp
Gold/brass is another thing coming back into vogue, so you’ll find several pieces in my booth. This lamp was blue and pink and gold with an old coolie shaped lamp shade. I think the update is much more fun. First I painted the whole thing black, and then sprayed it gold. I distressed it to bring some of the black through and added the brass-nailhead trimmed, drum shade.

Updated Lamp Base

It is a steal at $45. The shade alone is worth $25.

There are lots of booths with friendly owners at Daphne Antique Galleria. So, if you are in the area, don’t forget to stop by. If you are interested in any of these treasures, give them a call or leave a comment for me.

(251) 625-2200