Fashion Friday – My New Skinny on Jeans

In the post, Traveling Jeans a few weeks ago, I came down hard on how skinny jeans are not for everyone.  I especially remember something about how they were NOT for me because I’m short, over 50 and overweight. Well, my friend “Twiggy,” aka Linda, has set me straight. You were introduced to Linda and her two girls, here, and she has truly opened my skinny eyes.  (So glad to have something I can call skinny about me!)

My friend, Linda, with her two daughters.
My friend, Linda, with her two daughters.

When our kids were little, we loved shopping together for ourselves as well as our children.  In those days, Twiggy introduced me to Jack and Jill in Homewood, AL, Lands End catalog for our boy(s), smocking for my baby girl once she came along, and both of our husband’s  hated to hear we’d been to Parisian’s together any day of the week.  I have always been one to lean more toward the older, classic look for myself and Twiggy has had her work cut out for her, keeping me even a little bit trendy.

She has recently nicknamed me “Riley,” because of a post I wrote about the The Life of Riley and how I basically live it in her skinny eyes. So, she said to me before I left for England, “Riley, you have got to get rid of those bell bottoms!” Just like old times, we went shopping together and looking through her eyes, I began to see that if I focus on my best (after having her point them out to me) features, I too, can wear skinny jeans.  Wow!  Big step.

Speaking of big steps, Twiggy also advised me that I have to “get up off the floor.” I bought my first pair of wedge heeled boots, tucked my brand new skinny jeans into them, and may I just say… I am walking a bit taller. I have been amazed at the compliments I’ve had from total strangers. As we all like to say, getting old is the pits, but with friends like Twiggy, no one need ever really know my age. That will be the goal of “Fashion Friday’s” from now on, to help us come up with ideas to look great no matter our shape, and look as young as possible without giving people something to talk about.


Flat Boots with Pink Tulip Top, Chico's Skinny Jeans
Flat Boots with Pink Tulip Top, Chico’s Skinny Jeans
Black Ankle Boots, Chico’s Top, Victoria Secret Skinny Jeans
Brown Frye Boots, Victoria Secret Skinny Jeans, Beige Tank, Camel Short Sleeve Sweater

On this Fashion Friday, I’m encouraging all my over-50 friends, to trust Twiggy to point out your best features, help you get up off the floor, and trade out all of your “Not-Your-Daughter’s-Jeans,” for your daughter’s jeans.  If I am any example, I can promise you one thing, you will feel better about how you look.  And, she will likely come up with just the cutest nickname for you.

Leave your questions for Twiggy and I’ll be sure she answers you.  Have a great weekend.



Day 10: Starting Over with an Old Pair of Traveling Jeans

31 Days of Starting OverA friend and I were shopping for an upcoming trip recently, and we were repeatedly disappointed in the selection of pants or jeans.  I mean what is up with the skinny jeans for this fat sister?!  You can not tell me that all skinny jeans make every woman look better in them.  I do use a mirror. And jeggings?  Please!  Even Chico – which has been my “go-to” shop for years, now sports every tag with the encouraging “so slimming” logo. Well, Chico, they are not so slimming on everybody!

Even the poor internet search engines have been working over time when I type in “wide leg jeans” in the search box.  I can hear their little voices repeating, “I think I can. I think I can.”

I think I can. I think I can.
I think I can. I think I can.

But, poor things, they can’t.  Even with the words trouser jeans, trousers, or pants, things like a size 2 from Lord & Taylor pops up.  Why would a size 2 need wide leg pants?  What in heavens name are they trying to balance? -

The sales lady that we spoke with in one department store agreed with us and confessed that the pants she had on that were a wider leg, had indeed, been hanging in her closet for 11 years.  Well, I wish I’d been the same size for 11 years.

Even so, why did I get rid of my previous styles of wide leg pants/jeans?  I thought they were out of style.  But, they are classic and they look good on short, petite, apple, pear or triangle shaped bodies, so what is the fashion industry doing to us?

I do not want to look my age, but I am not trying to look 18 again either. And even if I were, I am short, overweight, short-waisted and a pear shaped body.  I need the extra volume at the bottom to balance the middle. To wear leggings or skinny jeans with large tops only accentuates the negative.  Even Stacy and Clinton would agree.  So where do you go to find the style of bottoms that flatter?

After shopping for hours and visiting every clothing store that is in my zip code and within my price range, I came home and shopped my closet.  I have one pair of wide leg jeans, so that is what I’m wearing this season. Ladies, would you join me in a jean revolution?  I refuse to buy another pair of jeans just because the industry thinks they look good on a size 2! The average size American woman is a 14 and that’s a lot of skinny jeans sitting on a shelf or heading to the outlets.  I personally do not care how cheap they are. If they are NOT flattering, I am NOT wearing them.

"Network"I think I can, I think I can.  I think I can change the fashion industry.  Join me with a comment that you are NOT going to take this anymore! Perhaps, we’ll influence the industry.