Focus Your Lens on National Camera Day

June 29th is National Camera Day. I didn’t know either, so don’t feel too bad. This is going to be such a fun Friday! Take lots of photos and say thank you to the inventors who made it possible for us to keep records of family picnics on Independence Day, and so much more!

Smile for the Camera

Whether you are a collector or like to use cameras to add a touch of vision to a vignette, Daphne Antique Galleria has everything to make your National Camera Day a flash! There are beautiful photos of gorgeous, talented people.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly

Gene Autry

Gene Autry


Connection to the Past

black and white photo album


Stereoscope Viewer

Stereoscope Viewer

stereoscope cards

Stereoscope Cards

Hurricane Tracking

Photos that awe us.

black and white photo

Reminders of fashion, play and how far we’ve come.

Rare Finds for the Collector

8 MM Film Splicer

8 MM Film Splicer

Kodak Disc 6000

Kodak Disc 6000

Kodak Ektralite 10

Kodak Ektralite 10

Add a Touch of Vintage to Your Decor

Vintage Cameras with Case


Camera, case and dress form

Strike a pose with a fashionable camera case.

Reflections of God's Grace

French Blue Photo Banner

Picture Banner

Gone are the days of waiting for pictures to be developed. We take fewer trips to the drug store for our 4 x 6 glossy print. We are our own photographers now. We take lots of selfies. Little did we know that the instant cameras of the past were antiquated before they hit the shelves.

So as you celebrate #NationalCameraDay, plan to get some shots of our patriotism next week. Here are a few tips for getting pics that make your friends shutter with envy!

Red White and Say Cheese

  • Have children wear red, white and blue sunglasses.
  • Get close for pictures of hands holding sparklers.
  • Hang banners, flags and ribbons on your porch. Take family photo with everyone holding a small flag or wearing a red, white and blue hat.
  • Decorate a red flyer wagon and snap a shot of pets wearing patriotic bandanas.
  • Photos of family members eating watermelon, ribs or corn on the cob.
  • Beach photo of family wearing red and blue, with sand as your white prop.
  • Kids draw flags with sidewalk chalk and sit beside them.
  • Create a fun photo booth with flags, hats, sunglasses, sparklers.

Have fun and feel free to share your photos, vignettes or collections on my Facebook page.

Happy 4th

MeMe’s Proudest Moment

Allow me to introduce you to a new Grand Ideas feature. Harriet Sue and I went to grammar school together and then she moved away. Years later we were re-introduced when she purchased my mother’s childhood home. It is so sweet to know that someone is loving and caring for my Nanny’s home perhaps even better than she was able to. But, I digress. Sue, AKA MeMe, has three precious grandchildren and I am thrilled to share her grand ideas with you today.

MeMe and Family

MeMe’s baby angels are Caylin, 6; Carson 4; and Charlie Kate, will be one this week!


This family knows how to have fun; even when taking birthday pictures. MeMe joined her daughter and babies on a recent Saturday for a birthday photo shoot. As mentioned earlier, Charlie Kate is turning one this week, so the family hiked through the woods to have a grand time in a local creek. The day included lots of pictures as well as carting a smash cake and high chair through the woods. This reminds me of Tom Sawyer and his adventures. I can only imagine the excitement in their voices as they romped through the trees.

“In the common walks of life, with what delightful emotions does the youthful mind look forward to some anticipated scene of festivity!” 

Sue’s description of the day to me…

“We had a blast. There were giggles everywhere.”

Grand Ideas

I ask Sue how she handled discipline when the giggles turn into mischief. She answered,

“HA . . usually THAT tone of voice works.”

What dreams do you have for your grandchildren?

“I just want them to be happy and filled with the joy that only comes from knowing Christ.”

Describe an incident where you were worried about one of your grandchildren.

“Caylin has had developmental delays since she was an infant . . . there was a time they thought she might never walk. But praise the Lord, she walks, runs, talks and is learning to read! She is still in speech and occupational therapy, but she’s come so far! We have just learned that whatever caused the delays was also inherited by Charlie Kate although it is not as severe. But God will take care of them both!”


What is your favorite “out of mouths of babes” quote from your grandchildren?

Carson is the comedian in the bunch; I have lots of “Carsonisms.” Recently, he crawled up in my lap and said “So, MeMe, you know you said that you’re my Mommy’s Mommy?” Yes, I did, buddy. “”Well so you’re HER Mommy?” That’s right, buddy! “Sooooo . . . . she can’t just do anything she wants to, can she?!” (already lookin’ for a higher court to appeal to!)


What games do you play together?

We have a matching game and Hi Ho Cherry O . . . but mostly we love to pile up and read books.

Describe, as best you can, your first reaction to seeing your grand-baby the first time.

I was in the labor room when each of them were born and I had always heard grandchildren were better because you could spoil them and send them home. But what I find is they are double the joy . . I am so happy to be a grandmother.  And an added bonus is watching your child’s happiness as they become a parent.

Describe your grandchildren.

Caylin is sweet and affectionate and a natural caregiver (she loves to mother the other 2!). Carson is an imp . . he’s bright and funny and naturally curious about everything! And little Charlie Kate is just a happy little baby . . always watching the bigger kids and trying to figure out how to do whatever they are doing!

Charlie Kate

How do you think they would describe you?

I think they would say that MeMe loves them.

What has been your proudest moment as a grandparent?

It was the day Caylin took her first steps; we waited so long and she worked so hard! With Carson, it was Easter . . he had a bag of little things from Sunday School and as he pulled each item out, he told me the Easter story and he remembered every bit of it!

What has been your greatest surprise as a grandmother?

When Caylin was born, I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out what was so special about my Grandmother. I finally realized it was because she always had time for me. She taught me all the things I still love to do . . cook, sew, embroider. I knew immediately that was the MeMe I wanted to be. I was surprised I had never stopped to think about my own grandmother and what made her special . . . I just knew she was SO special!

What is your cure for boredom?

Crafts! With my own children and my grandchildren I always keep a supply of craft supplies and if they get bored …. it’s time to make something!

Would you describe your grandchildren as more athletic or artistic? What extracurricular activities are they involved in?

Caylin will be artistic and she takes dance. Carson will be athletic; he played soccer this year and will play baseball in the fall. Little Charlie Kate is a story yet to be written . . right now she’s just pretty serious about eating. (I think she gets that from her MeMe)


What is a phrase that you will hear your grandchild quote from you as they grow up?

“Be nice.”  And, “I love you much & much!”

While he may not have known it, Mark Twain, through Tom Sawyer, describes the tangibility of a MeMe’s love:

Saturday morning was come, and all the summer world was bright and fresh, and brimming with life. There was a song in every heart; and if the heart was young, the music issued at the lips. There was cheer in every face and a spring in every step. The locust-trees were in bloom, and the fragrance of the blossoms filled the air…. 

Especially if you get to stomp through the woods and play in the creek.

Beautiful Faces in Southern Places, IV

I’ve had the privilege of meeting more beautiful faces in the south this month, so I’m sharing them with you.

Beautiful Faces in Southern Places, IV

This is beautiful Beth. Her gorgeous scarf and hat first caught my eye, and then she turned around… Beautiful and friendly…

I found these beautiful faces enjoying a glass of wine.

Beautiful Faces in Southern  PlacesBeautiful Faces in Southern Places IV


Beautiful Faces in Southern Places, IV

A cheerful profile.

Beautiful Faces in Southern Places, IV

The best medicine.

Beautiful Faces in Southern Places, IV

Two musicians in the band, Roman Street from south Alabama are the sons of this handsome gentleman.  And, if pianists tickle the ivories, this gentleman could sure tickle a harmonica! It was such fun watching father and sons jam together.

Beautiful Faces in Southern Places, IV

Father and sons jam session.

Beautiful Faces in Southern Places, IV

Fresh love.

All of the above beautiful faces were seen in Sandestin, Florida. Names are always optional.

Beautiful Faces in Southern Places, IV

This is my beautiful, Mr. CoziNest. You know I must sneak a few beautiful related faces now and then.

And now to central Alabama beautiful faces…

Beautiful Faces in Southern Places, IV

This is Mrs. Ellen.

Beautiful Faces in Southern Places, IV

Hold on to your handlebars!

The “Beautiful Faces” in May will be from Italy, so stay tuned!


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Driftwood Beach

Recently, the hubster and I were on a business trip to Brunswick, GA.  While he was meeting with business associates, I was out taking photos in hopes of improving my photography skills. A very sweet lady approached me and suggested I go out to Driftwood Beach (name given to the area by locals), if I wanted to get some really good photos. It was a great suggestion.

Driftwood Beach DW Beach 1.jpg

There is something so calming to me about black and white photos.

Driftwood Beach

Now tell me, how did this piece get here? Surely someone stood it up?

Driftwood Beach

Crab on Driftwood Beach

Driftwood Beach

And I will close today’s post with one final photo. I think I’ve figured out now how horror writers come up with their monsters…

Driftwood Beach