Weekly Special for 2/12/18

Weekly Special

This week, CoziNest is featuring our special Valentine’s Plates. They are the perfect addition to a nice quiet dinner at home with your significant other. Use them for appetizers, salads or desserts. 4 Piece Valentine Dessert Plates

Let your love shine. Don’t hide it under a bushel. NO! Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine! Add sweet love notes beneath the plates. Serve their favorite meal and dessert.

Invite a widow(er) to have lunch. Valentine’s can sometimes be a lonely holiday. Leave a card in your mailbox for your carrier. Surprise a hairdresser, housekeeper or nail tech with something sweet wrapped in pretty cellophane. Bake a cake for your church staff. Drop off a bag of apples to your local gym. Any small act of kindness will make you both feel great. Most of all… let your love shine!

Consequently, we are offering the special price of $11.50 for this set of 4 delightful plates. For the purpose of helping spread a little love around ourselves, these sweet hearts are discounted.

Other specials you may find enticing can be found by clicking here.

Please share how you’ve let your love shine this week. It’s fun to spread it around!

50 Shades of True Love

This week’s Fashion Friday is all about..

50 Shades of True Love

With all the hoop-lah about the 50 Shades of Grey movie coming out today, I thought we’d take Cozi Rosie on a little 50 Shades of a-different-color-trip to downtown Fairhope. How about 50 Shades of True Love?


50 Shades of True Love 50 Shades of True Love

There’s just the right amount of love, adoration and timidity in this lovely pink number from M & F Casuals.

Hugs and Be Mine

50 Shades of Love: from pink to bright red.


50 Shades of True Love

Pink Shorts, tank and Bed Jacket… 50 Shades of Sweet.

Be My Valentine

And for the lady, who just wants to be comfy…red is the perfect shade of love.

Red Comfy PJ's

Peeking Cozi Rosie

Cozi Rosie was a bit shy in this number…But, somehow, we coaxed her out of the dressing room…

Red, White & Black

Slipper on Heart Pillow

Don’t forget your slippers, ladies!

The perfect shoe will set just the right mood for whatever shade of love you’re in.

Zebra Sports Bra

A little animal print never hurt anybody…

In the words of Christian Grey, “Laters, baby.”

Happy Valentine’s Day

 A huge THANK YOU to M & F Casuals in Fairhope, AL for providing the clothing and props for this post.

Such a Good Kisser

It’s nearing Valentines. It’ll be all hearts, flowers, fireworks and chocolate. But, it’s more, oh so much more, for she is such a good kisser. Yes, cupid shot an arrow right through this heart of mine and I’m reminded everyday how much I love her.

Baby, You're a Firework
Baby, You’re a Firework

She doesn’t pucker or purse her lips. They are always wide open. I am alerted that a kiss is inevitable when she leans in to be nearer. She never asks permission nor stops when I say I need air. Her kisses invade my thoughts and press away the issues of the day. I’m glad to be in the moment with her and only her. The pleasure takes my breath away and when I finally catch it, it’s filled with the smell of her.

I feel her tongue on the back of my hand, on my cheek, on my knees, my calves, my toes and especially my elbows. The hair tickles my funny bone. I laugh out loud. Her kisses are friendly, not sensual and no matter what anyone says, I will let her kiss my face.  Who cares if she has puppy breath? It is a smell I hope I never forget.

She is 10 years old in people years. Over 70 in canine. She will not be with me forever, but her kisses are immortal. I can just think of her shiny little nose, her hairy “lips”, and the extreme pleasure she seems to get out of licking my face and the “romance” we have seems to awaken this 50-something year old heart.

If you ever wonder why so many senior citizens have pets, this is it. While I’m still years away from senior status, it’s this unbridled, unreserved and passionate love from my little shih-tzu that reminds me daily why I’m here. To love. Pure and simple. Love others.  Love my family. And especially to return the love of this little girl who never holds a grudge, is never disappointed in me, never talks back except when I want her to, and who greets me daily with the most delectable, sweet, wet kisses since my babies would slobber on my chin.

I hope you have the pleasure in your life on Valentine’s Day of sharing love with a very good kisser. No I don’t… I hope you have it every day.

 Puppy kisses