10 Ways to Enjoy World Kindness Day

November 13, 2019 is World Kindness Day

I will be just returning from the Holy Land on this sweet day in November. As I think ahead to this post, knowing I will have the dust of sacred footsteps in my suitcase; I can’t imagine a more precious act of kindness than what our Lord did for us.

In honor of His sacrifice, I have a challenge for those who practice random acts of kindness. Christians are known as the bride of Christ, as someday we will join the marriage supper of the Lamb. So as part of that bride, I challenge each of you to do something special this week for a bride you do not know.

Here’s an example:

This Chapel of Love story will melt your heart. These nurses organized the sweetest wedding. I wish I could have attended just to see everyone’s face.

world kindness day

Weddings are the happiest time of our life and the most stressful. My precious daughter walks the aisle in January 2020 and I can’t imagine adding the heartbreak of this story, or any like it, to the planning of the big day. However, as this bride said, “But God!” HE IS BIGGER!

While I’m not suggesting you go to the extreme of what these nurses did (but hey, it would be awesome) here are a few suggestions to make the day of a random bride or someone in her party a little better. You’ll feel pretty good afterward, too.

Random Acts of Kindness for the Bridal Party

  1. Contact a wedding venue and ask if there is something simple a bride wanted but couldn’t afford and offer to pay for it anonymously.
  2. Search for local engagement announcements and send a gift, signing the card as a raktivist. (Random Act of Kindness Activist)
  3. Ask your favorite hair stylist if she/he can recommend a bride for a free hair appointment.woman with scarf
  4. Give a manicure or pedicure to the mother of the bride. (This is not a hint! 😉 )
  5. Prepare a meal for a family who is a week away from the wedding.
  6. Purchase pocket squares or handkerchiefs for the groomsmen of a wedding being held at your church.
  7. Leave a basket of flip flops or slippers for bridesmaids on the day of the wedding.
  8. If you know a hostess giving a shower for the bride or groom, offer to help clean up after the shower.
  9. Offer a floral arrangement to the mother of the groom for the rehearsal dinner.Floral random act of kindness
  10. Drop off a few packs of thank-you cards on the bride-to-be’s porch.

These are just a few examples. I’m sure you have even more great ideas for World Kindness Day. If someone has recently been kind to you, please share in the comments below. And, if you have ideas to share with others for more random acts of kindness this week, please share them on my Facebook page.

Praying someone shows you extreme kindness today.

Blue and White Tea Towels

Blue and White Tea Towels

Shop this week at CoziNest Antiques and Decor in Daphne, Alabama for beautiful tea towels just in time for Mother’s Day or that special bride. These blue linen towels with white embroidery are perfect for the bride or bridesmaids. Choose a fragrant soap and you have a perfect gift.

For a special Mother’s Day Gift, read Mad Men for another great idea.

Blue and White Tea Towels

The towels are regularly priced at $9.00 each. The crisp linen towel is inspired by the Deft Blue pattern. The white embroidery on blue linen gives this a soft look and feel. Great gift for weddings, anniversaries, housewarming, graduations, birthdays, or Mother’s Day.


During the week of April 23, 2018, these lovely towels will be discounted to $7.50 each. 

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Flea Market Babies

Flea Market Babies

It was suppose to be a Sunday afternoon drive for a mother and her daughter. But, one stop into a dusty, make-shift flea market changed everything. She held her daughter’s hand, not wanting to get separated as they walked up and down the aisles of the weekend market.  She picked up a dinner plate and turned it over to recall the pattern name. Merry Mushroom. It made her smile to think about the number of meals she had eaten on these dishes and not realized that the mushrooms were so merry.

They wandered down the next aisle and watched as a young woman picked up a plastic baby bottle with an old-fashioned brown nipple and white ring. “You don’t see these things anymore,” she said to her friend. Her daughter looked up at her mother and asked, “Did you feed me bottles like that?”

She could almost smell baby powder in the air. And then she saw him. Sitting in his stroller was a rosy-cheeked, blue-eyed baby boy with a haircut that reminded her of Andrew. Her daughter ran to pick him up as she exclaimed, “Oh Mother, isn’t he cute? And don’t you think he looks a lot like Andrew?” Her mother nodded and answered that Andrew’s cheeks were rosier.

As the market owners began to put away their wares and close up for another week, the two made their way to the car.  Seat belts were buckled and the next stop was an ice cream parlor about 5 miles up the road. It had been a great day, but she just couldn’t bring herself to put the car in drive. She gave quick instructions to her little passenger that she was not to move and jumped out of the car.

As she came out of the flea market this time, the squeals from the passenger seat could be heard at the ice cream parlor. She opened the door and placed the baby boy in her lap. There were tears. She knew she had changed a life, changed an attitude and given new meaning to the term “playtime.”

After a sundae and chocolate shake at their favorite ice cream shop, she drove up the hill and found their usual parking spot. She hopped out and pulled the walker from the trunk. They made their way inside and everyone began to ask about the baby. Beaming from ear to ear, she joyfully told them all, “my daughter bought him for me at the flea market.”





Flea Market Baby


Disclaimer: I have taken a little license with the telling of this story, but the moral is this… If you are looking for gift ideas for elderly living in nursing facilities, consider a doll or a teddy bear. You will be giving them something to cuddle, something to snuggle and a reason to huddle in the hallway.


Teddy Bears and Baby Dolls



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Best Friends for Freakin’ Forever

“Best Friends for Freakin’ Forever…And don’t you forget it!” My birthday card from my BFFF was a treasure just like she is.

Birthday Card
Birthday Card
Signature Friendship
Signature Friendship

We met in 2008 at a Youth Book Club meeting in our church. The meeting was to kick off a mother/daughter reading club and we began by introducing ourselves and telling something about ourselves that our daughters didn’t know at the time. It was such a fun exercise as we began to get to know each other as women – not necessarily as mothers. I was attracted to her honesty and vulnerability immediately. And that was the beginning of the proverbial “beautiful friendship.” I had a Christmas coffee that same year in my home and invited her come and “meet my family and friends.”

We’ve shared many a cup of coffee or glass of wine since then. In the picture below, we were in Blue Ridge, Ga. to celebrate my 50th and my hubby’s 51st birthdays.

Me and Wilma
Me and Wilma

She has so many gifts and talents that I can’t begin to list them all. However, in addition to my “Friendships of Women” post that you can see here, today, on my birthday, I’d like to share what it is that makes a friend a best friend for freakin’ forever.

What is it that you look for in a best friend?

Loyalty. I know without a doubt, that when I share something with this wonderful lady, that it will NEVER go anywhere else. I also know, deep down, that we will truly be friends for the rest of our life. Her loyalty is the kind that could shape a generation. She knows how to make people in her life feel valuable. Anyone can make a person feel important, but, Wilma makes you feel valuable, priceless and irreplaceable.  She has visited my family in the hospital, helped me move TWICE, helped me decorate my son’s apartment in New York City, listened to me gripe about my weight, and been supportive on numerous creative ideas that needed her organizational skills. She has been my partner in crime on numerous projects.

Generosity. There are so many ways to be generous. Wilma knows them all. We made a trip to New York City recently and as an early birthday present, she had Broadway tickets waiting for us to see “Kinky Boots.” It was such fun seeing such a funny play with her. I love laughing with her. And while we were there, she spent a whole day shopping with my son. What value did she get out of this? Giving. Seeing me spend time with my son. She seems to enjoy my family almost as much as I do.


Common Interests. How many friends do you have that are interested in whatever you are? She is always present. In the moment. If my flavor of the month is antiquing, then we go antiquing together. If it is photography, then she will patiently wait for me to get the perfect shot; if it’s a new blog, she’ll be my first subscriber.

Birthday Card #2
Birthday Card #2

Time. She is my “ventee,” to whom I’ll call and vent about anything and everything that is bothering me. She listens, and understands when I just need a listener, not someone to fix my problems. If she ever tires of my shopping style, she has never said so. See, I’m one of those women who has to touch everything in the store, before I make my decision to purchase. If I change my mind a hundred times, she understands it’s my prerogative.

Resting on a shopping outing in Georgia.
Resting on a shopping outing in Georgia.

Encouraging. On my blue days, it’s as if she knows somehow what is bothering me. If I am in despair, she will show up with a little plaque with the saying,

Christopher Robin

As I write this, I’m beginning to feel terribly guilty that she has been a much better friend to me than I have to her. If you’ve read Gary Chapman’s “Five Love Languages”, she has them all. She gives gifts, encourages with words of affirmation, shares quality time, works in service to those in need of moving, decorating or computer education. And, while touch may not be the gift she is strongest in, when I need a hug, she is there.

So today, on my birthday, I’d like to say thanks to my Father, for one of the most important gifts I believe HE gives to those of us in the female half of humanity. Friendships. And I’d like to especially thank HIM for those that last for freakin’ forever. Love you, Wilma! Thanks so much for my cards and most of all ~ for being my friend. I will not forget it.