Festivals, The Perfect Incentive for Your Imagination

Why do we all love arts & crafts festivals? Could it be because it’s the perfect incentive for our own imagination? We love walking through the fair admiring all the talent and creativeness of the exhibitors. We collect artifacts designed by different craftsmen from every form of art, like pottery, acrylic and oil paintings, carpentry and jewelry. And with each festival we pray that somehow we could inherit a little of their inventiveness even if it’s by osmosis. This weekend, we’ll be wandering the 62nd annual Arts and Crafts Festival in Fairhope, AL.

Welcome to Fairhope

Located in Historic Downtown Fairhope

March 16-18, 2018

10 am – 5 pm

Shuttles offered from Parking Lots at Corners of Hwy. 98 and Fairhope Avenue

A Parade of Over 230 Artists

Festival Imagination Shoppers


Tent-Lined Streets


Local Imagination Sampling at Daphne Antique Galleria

On your way into the festival, you’ll find a sampling of our local imagination at the Daphne Antique Galleria. We have antique dealers as well as talented furniture painters, carpenters with incredible workmanship and some of the most inventive DIYers you’ll ever see in one place. Be sure to stop in to celebrate our accomplishments with us.

Daphne Antique Galleria

1699 US Highway 98

Daphne, AL 36526

Daphne Antique Galleria


Painted French Chest

Dealer GGG does a beautiful job with her painted furniture.

drawer lining

She goes the extra mile to update the inside of the piece as well.

twin headboard

Dealer PON restored this old door into a genteel twin headboard. I love the added touch of hardware.

hand knitted scarves

This beautifully wefted shawl is handmade by Dealer DJB. She has lots of color choices and an incredibly ingenious hand knitted dishcloth.

Imagination Artistry

Here’s a clever recycle. Dealer VKM added a lovely vessel sink to an old sewing machine base. How perfect for a farmhouse powder room!?

Here are two beautiful spring pieces from one of our local artists. Dealer JLA.

Pretty in Pink Quilt

Delicate pink quilt. Perfect for girls room or to snuggle under!

Inlaid Wood Table

This lovely side table features handmade inlaid wood details. Dealer SJD

vintage easter wreath

Dealer JOY loves resurrecting vintage ornaments to make bountiful wreaths.

Incentive for Your Imagination

ladder of bibbs

If you are dealer, ladder’s can be used for more than blankets.

vintage quilts

Room dividers can be used to display quilts as seen in booth PAC.

Whether you are a collector, dealer or just enjoy soaking up the imagination of others, stop into the Daphne Antique Galleria on your way to the Fairhope Arts & Crafts Festival this weekend. Regardless, we’d love for you to spend a day indoors with us.

Wearing Sunset

One of the things I love about living in Fairhope is watching the waters darken and the sky glow with the brilliance of a Mobile Bay sunset. Today’s Fashion-Friday focuses on wearing the sunset colors of the bay.

Sunset over Mobile Bay

I had the honor of working with Savannah Hickox today, who modeled the sunset choices of Deja Vu in Fairhope, AL. If you’ve never stopped in to Deja Vu while visiting our fair city, you have missed out.

Deja Vu Fairhope, AL

Welcome to Deja Vu

Welcome to Deja Vu in Fairhope, AL.

Denim & Lace Shorts

Long before the sun sets over the bay, Savannah is wearing one of those brilliant colors in this pink tank top ($38) with denim and lace shorts ($59.99).

Denim & Pink


Living on Fairhope Time

Living on Fairhope time, Savannah models this tie-dye dress ($42) with a lace, sleeveless cardigan ($50). The hat is $28.

Savannah's Portrait

The early colors of sunset.

Hold on to Your Hat

As the sun gets a little lower in the sky, Savannah models some of the accessories that make wearing sunset so much fun.

Wearing Sunset Collage

Prism Necklaces

The sun will bounce beautiful prisms off of these fun necklaces.

Sun Going Down

Pretty in Pink Tunic

This pink tunic/dress sells for ($50) and ladies, it would be darling with white leggings.

The white lace bralette ($32) is seen with every outfit. It is a great addition to our wardrobe as it covers  wide arm holes and looks very pretty on the shoulders.

Arrow Necklace

This blue-stone, arrow necklace sells for $72 and they are so popular that you better stop by at sunrise if you want one!

Stepping into Sunset

Savannah has lived in Fairhope for 8 years and is currently studying at Faulker State Community College. She plans to study marine biology at the University of West Florida in the Fall. I guess she’ll be witnessing lots of sunsets over the water with that degree! She moved to Fairhope from Florida and has always been inspired by coastal vibes. That is just one reason she loves working at the store, since the owner and designer of Deja Vu clothing is inspired by coastal colors, too!

Deja Vu's Tropical Sunset

Deja Vu's Water Refections

Dress Form

Antique Singer Sewing Machine

As a lover of all things vintage, rustic and creative, I was mesmerized by the newest addition to their store.

Conveyor Rack

Just like you see in your local dry cleaners, Deja Vu now has a conveyor rack that is constantly rolling through their extensive selection of skirts, pants, tops and jeans. It is one of the most creative things this shopping-lover has ever seen in a boutique.

rolling rack mechanism

Happy Deja Vu Customer

This pretty lady from Gulf Breeze, Florida loves shopping in Fairhope. Tammy Ritter travels with her husband, who is with Edward Jones, to spend a weekend in our city as often as they can get away. She always stops in at Deja Vu and never leaves empty-handed. Her husband likes to visit Bouch’s Premium Cigars. We have such fun merchants in Fairhope that visitors travel hours just to see us!

As the sun begins to drop below the horizon, this post is going live. Yes, my good friends, it’s almost a Fashion-Saturday post. But, when would be a better time to share the pinks and every-shade-of-orange-God-ever-made with you, than at sunset. I’m wishing all of you a beautiful sunset wherever you live. And may you be doubly blessed to have the opportunity to wear one!


A huge thank you to Dawn Joseph, store manager of Deja Vu in Fairhope! Sunsets will never be the same!

Rainbow Row of Fairhope

While on a walk along Mobile Bay recently, I stumbled upon this beautiful site.

Rainbow Row of Baldwin County

These lovely ladies meet here once a week. They bring their water, chairs and smiles to enjoy the fresh air beneath a Fairhope shade tree. Most of them describe themselves as retired RVers who love the scenery of Mobile Bay. In the winter they venture down to the beaches of Gulf Shores and create another rainbow row.  Another great idea to file away for empty nesters!

Rainbow Row of Baldwin County

All neighbors from a community called Rainbow Plantation, they brighten the already scenic views of Fairhope. I have named their little tour group Rainbow Row of Fairhope. What a fun group of retirees! I look forward to my walks now. A cool respite in an otherwise hot, sweaty and dutiful fitness routine. They are truly a rainbow on a cloudy day.

Beautiful Faces in Southern Places

One of the best things about the South is the people, as you’ll see here on CoziNest.

Recently, I met this sweet lady.

Beautiful Faces

Mamie is a beautiful lady who helped me choose my Valentines gifts in Birmingham. When I asked her what makes her happiest, her reply was simple, “family.”


Joyce is a beautiful lady we chatted with at the pier on the first sunny day we’d seen in a long time. As we talked she shared something as beautiful as she is. She moved to our fair city 22 years ago with her husband who has since passed away. When I asked what kept her here, she said he does. “His ashes are spread out at the the Middle-Bay Lighthouse.”

Chloe and her parents.
Chloe and her parents.

This couple was out walking their new puppy. When they put Chloe down, she was all over my feet, so Joyce sitting nearby, asked them, “She’s so little, do you ever step on her?” He answered, “Not when she’s around.”


Meet Brett, from Mobile. Such a sweet face. She was here celebrating her grandfather’s 80th birthday.

Lifeguard in Training
Lifeguard in Training

Beautiful face seen at Gulf Shores.


When I asked Charlie what he loved about Fairhope, his answer surprised me. “Not as much as I used to, it’s getting too busy.”

The good life.
The good life.
Tomato Lady
Tomato Lady

Affectionately known as the “tomato lady,” this beautiful lady helps keep us healthy.

Visitors from Raleigh, NC
Visitors from Raleigh, NC

Our tourists are beautiful.

A Beautiful Face
A Beautiful Face

Stephen is my photography teacher. He is truly one of the nicest people I’ve met since moving here.


This little angel loves snowmen. Especially those that live near the pier.

Snowman of the Fairhope Pier
Snowman of the Fairhope Pier

Everywhere you look, there are beautiful faces.

A Home with a Name Contest

Driving along the coast in Point Clear, AL, you see that most estates have a given name that describes the dreams of the owner or a description of the property. Having been to England within the last few months, I keep thinking about the Cotswolds, and Edinburgh in Scotland. Every palace and country home has a name. As I drive up to our little “cottage,” I’m reminded of England and desperately want a home with a name, even if it isn’t an estate.

My memories of England are what push me toward the naming of our home. I’d love a name that also prompts guests to think of our southern as well as English roots.

Our home in Fairhope.
Our cottage in Fairhope.
Hollyrood Palace
Hollyrood Palace, Scotland

In Fairhope, we are surrounded by oak trees with spanish moss, river birches, cotton fields, bird sanctuaries, and of course Mobile Bay.

Cotton Field in South Alabama
Cotton Field in South Alabama
My view while I walk.
Mobile Bay, AL

A short drive into downtown and you arrive in what my husband calls, Mayberry – only in color.

The Landmark Fairhope Clock
The Landmark Fairhope Clock

A drive a little further west and New Orleans is our playground with it’s Southern Creole influence. It is paradise. We love living here and now I want an endearing, romantic name that encompasses all the things we love about it, as well as the historical setting of Mobile Bay and our English ancestors who formed our great country. A contest is born. Please leave a comment with your choice for the name of our home and some creative individual will win a gift card at the end of the contest. The contest will begin on the day of this original post and end on February 14th – the most romantic day of the year (provided my hubby-do and I agree on a name.)

The winner will be announced on this website and a name board will be created and placed in a place of prominence on our property; no matter how short lived with homeowners association members. Even if passers by can’t see the name, I’ll know it and love it.

Thanks to my readers ahead of time for giving my home a name.





Just One More Bite


Scott Dumas has done it again.  There are so many good restaurants in Fairhope, but one of the best is bound to be the Italian steakhouse, Isabella’s.  The grand opening was Wednesday, September 11, 2013 and Scott says it went very well.  Jay and I can’t wait to try it out because one of our favorite places for lunch or dinner is Pinzone’s, where Scott is also chef.

Chef, Isabella's and Pinzone's in Fairhope, AL - Scott Dumas
Scott Dumas, Chef at Pinzone’s and the new Isabella’s.

Scott and his business partner and co-chef, Mike Pinzone opened Pinzone’s  to bring authentic Italian food to downtown Fairhope and now they are continuing that tradition with an Italian Steakhouse.

Great cuts.
Great cuts.

The interior of the restaurant has a gorgeous, Mediterranean feel and the decor is warm, natural, and somewhat rustic.  The whole of the area makes you feel like you’re in a small village in Italy.

A vaulted wood ceiling, iron chandeliers and sconces carry you away to the Mediterranean.
A vaulted wood ceiling, iron chandeliers and sconces carry you away to the Mediterranean.

Another thing we love about our dining experiences at Pinzone’s is the personal touch that is felt with every meal.  Scott always comes out and speaks to us and the servers are always fun and attentive.  Laughter is a common ingredient.  My tour of the new restaurant was no exception.

A little fire.
A little fire.
A little salt.
A little salt.
A little lunch.  Shrimp with kelp noodles and few seasonings.
A little lunch. Shrimp with kelp noodles and a few delicious seasonings.

The menu is just as impressive.  When I asked Scott how he determined what to add to the menu, he said his goal was to have diners leave with the same feeling they have when they’ve just seen a fantastic movie or finished a wonderful book.  It occurred to me then, that he has achieved that goal with one pair of diners.  Jay and I often talk about how delicious his Sausage and Polenta al Gorgonzola was or my Eggplant Sicilia.  We always laugh at some quip from our waiter or Scott, himself and it is truly a fun place to spend an hour or two.  I expect the same experience at Isabella’s.

I’m sure we’ll soon be discussing Sir Walter’s Oyster Asparagus Champagne Soup or the Lamb Prime Rib.  I can’t wait to try the Filet Isabella, a garlic stuffed filet with wine reduction.

Scott, Jay and I wish you the very best.  Here’s to you.  May all your diners wish that there was just one more bite.