Natural Stone Bracelets to Diffuse Tension in the Office or Home

Have you ever just wanted to cry because of the stress and pressure of a long day?  Sometimes no matter how hard we try, the thoughts and worries of life seem to hang like a stone around our neck. But what if there were actual stones to drape around our neck or adorn our wrists that help to slow the tumbling avalanche that is our thoughts? Natural Stone Bracelets when coupled with essential oils, help smooth not only the surface, but our deepest, darkest moods.

diffusing tension

Diffusing Tension

A friend of mine recently told me this story about using essential oils in her office.  She works in an environment that at times is dark and depressing. Her office is secluded from others. She and the staff struggle to remain positive in an office that deals with mostly bad news on a daily basis. She stumbled on an opportunity to try essential oils. After several days of diffusing lavender oil she noticed that people in the office started hanging out at her door. They wanted to talk and seemed more cheerful. Funny thing, tho. They had no idea why!

The next oil she tried was spearmint. It seemed to energize those who spent time in her office. Work was getting done in a timely manner and moods were improved. She began experimenting with blended oils and after some time, the mood of the office was much improved. The bad news was still shared on a daily basis, but was undeveloped in the minds of the staff.

David and Goliath

Goliath was the proverbial giant of obstacles. But, a young David had a stone and a sling. He was able to stop the enemy by slinging a natural stone. While, this post does not promise any particular outcome, why not try a much smaller stone to moderate the stresses that seem unsolvable?

Since my friend shared her story, I have started using essential oils, too. I diffuse them with steam in my bedroom in the morning and before bedtime. My diffuser is rather large and the aroma spreads throughout most of the house. Unfortunately, not all employers will allow a diffuser in the office. So CoziNest now suggests the simple use of natural stone bracelets with pure essential oils.

Natural stone bracelets

Just dribble a couple of drops of the fragrance-of-your-choice to a natural stone bracelet and rub the bracelet in your hands. It will not only distribute the oil across the beads, but will also create an “aroma tent” in your palms to inhale the essence. Wear the charm of the day on your wrist and inhale periodically through the day. We currently have lavender oil in stock. As the demand increases, we will add other oils to our list of favorites.


Natural Stone Bracelets

Wiktionary defines bracelet as a small “piece of defensive armor for the arm.”   I propose that this is exactly what a natural stone bracelet with essential oil is. It is a defensive armor against unhealthy living. There are oils that are ingested for our health, inhaled for our mood and applied to the skin for healing various conditions.


Benefits to Essential Oils

 *** Oils have been used in healing since ancient times. Many priests use them for anointing and treating several types of maladies. 

😇  The oils give you energy. You’ll stay focused to complete your tasks without the jitters you get with caffeine.

🍽  Activates enzymes in your digestive system to help with upset tummies.

📚  Improves your learning, memory, and focus.

😎  Boosts your immune system and helps keep you healthy.

I’m not an expert by any means, but since my friend introduced me, I love using these oils. If you would like to try this simple way to make your office or home more inviting and pleasant, try burning candles at home, and wearing natural stone bracelets with essential oils at work.

If you happen to be a candle girl, then here is one that will transport you to a tropical paradise! These candles are infused with citrus essential oils and will delight your senses.

Brookstone Candle Set of 2


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Freshen your mood with the essence of natural oils.

The extraction of oils from plants has been used in healing since ancient days. Priests used oils for anointing their subjects for all sorts of ailments. These salves were used throughout scripture according to Young Living. Young Living is my personal choice for essential oils, with the exception of Lavender.

  • Aloes (Royal Hawaiian™ Sandalwood): Believed to be made from fragrant sandalwood, aloes were a gift Nicodemus brought to Jesus. (John 19:39)
  • Cassia: Cassia was a key ingredient in the incense used in temple worship. (Psalms 45:8)
  • Cedarwood: The “cedars of Lebanon” were acclaimed for their durability and used to build Solomon’s famous temple. (1 Kings 4:33)
  • Cypress: This oil is extracted from the cypress tree, which has wood so durable that the cypress doors of Rome’s St. Peter’s Basilica show no sign of decay even after 1,200 years. (Isaiah 44:14)
  • Frankincense: The Hebrew word for frankincense, levonah, is used in the Bible 22 times, making it one of the most recognized materials in scripture. (Song of Solomon 3:6)
  • Hyssop: Biblical references to this plant indicate it was likely used in practices and rituals intended to purify and cleanse. (Psalms 51:7)
  • Myrrh: One of the key ingredients in Moses’s holy anointing oil, myrrh was highly regarded by Biblical figures such as David and Solomon. (Proverbs 7:17)
  • MyrtleSukkot, commonly translated as Feast of Tabernacles, includes myrtle branches in its ceremony. (Nehemiah 8:15)
  • Onycha: Onycha was an ingredient in the “pure and holy” perfume or incense the Lord commanded Moses to make. (Exodus 30:34)
  • Rose of Sharon (Cistus): This rock rose has a sweet, honey-like scent and may be the flower referred to as the Rose of Sharon. (Song of Solomon 2:1)

If you don’t see the oil you desire, leave a comment and we will contact you about a custom order.

Bracelets for applying essential oils are also offered at a great price. As you consider your purchase, read here how to activate your inner peace.


Visit Daphne Antique Galleria to see what natural stones and oils are available.

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How to Activate Your Inner Peace

You’re sitting at your desk and reeling from the insulting remarks made by a coworker. You want to blow your stack. How can you activate your inner peace to alleviate the stress and handle the situation professionally? Consider praying silently, while adding a touch of fragrance. What is this you ask? Some new age mumbo jumbo? No, it’s not. Instead, it’s an idea from an old southern gal who is seeking new ways to talk to her FATHER. Prayer changes things. David asked that his prayer please the Lord.

May my prayer be set before you like incense; may the lifting up of my hands be like the evening sacrifice. (Psalm 141:2)

The Sweet Fragrance of Prayer

Furthermore, our prayers are treasured in heaven. In 1888, J. R. Miller described where our prayers are stored in heaven:

The picture of the golden bowls in heaven containing earth’s prayers, shows us the precious regard in the divine heart, for the desires and supplications which believing ones send up to God. As they rise in holy breathings or in earnest cries, HE receives them—every sigh, every yearning, every pleading, every intercession of love, every heart-hunger—and puts them all into golden bowls, that none of them may be lost! Often our prayers may seem to remain long unanswered, for some blessings are so rich that they cannot be prepared for us in a day—but we may be sure that they are not lost nor forgotten. They are sacredly treasured and are always before God, and in due time they will receive gracious and wise answer.

These golden bowls are described in Revelation 5:8 as “holding incense, which are the prayers of the saints.”

Gold Bowl

In no way am I saying that we should be ritualistic in burning incense as an offering to our Lord. The Bible says that after the Israelites became careless with their offerings, God rebuked them saying, “no more vain offerings…incense is an abomination to me.” Isaiah 1:11, 13. HE has made it clear to us that our genuine, heartfelt prayer is what pleases HIM. HE saves our prayers and David even suggests that HE saves our tears in a bottle. (Psalm 56:8)

In ancient times priests used bottles to save essential oils for healing. I can’t help but wonder if somehow the two are related. Our tears in a bottle, oils from plants in a bottle to heal our hearts, bodies and souls. If you doubt the “hype” about essential oils, consider this. Where do pharmaceuticals come from? Plants, the ocean, minerals. Where do essential oils come from? The exact same place only without other non-living chemicals.  So even as pharmacists sit counting pills, our FATHER sits counting our tears and longs to heal us.

Lavender Oils for Inner Peace

Inner Peace

The scents of essential oils have properties that can calm us or invigorate us. The days that we need a bit of energy, we use tangerine, grapefruit or eucalyptus. And when a coworker insults us and we want to blow our stack, we use lavender, frankincense and orange to help activate our inner peace. But how do you use them in the workplace? Here is where the fun begins. Bracelets made from natural stones have become all the rage. Beaded necklaces and bracelets made of rose quartz, marble, or agate to name a few, are available in most jewelry stores. Keep the natural oils with you and drop a tiny amount onto the beads. Rub the bracelet between your hands gently. The stone and your hands absorb the oil.

Stone Bead Bracelets

Therefore, as you sit at your desk, in traffic or anywhere you feel the Holy Spirit urging you to activate your inner peace; touch your bracelet, fold your hands over your nose and inhale deeply. As you exhale, breathe your hurts, desires, praise and worship into those golden bowls in heaven. The bowl that HE holds close to HIS chest. Receive HIS comfort. HE cares about the coworker. Rest. HE cares about you. As a result, HE will activate your inner peace when you trust HIM with every sigh.



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