How to Sell Antiques Online in Such a Time as This

These are troublesome times. It’s time we learned how to sell antiques online. For those of us in the antique or retail furnishing business, we are definitely cruising into uncharted waters. Social distancing, mandatory closings of non-essential businesses and daily news of more CV-19 outbreaks, have us all scrambling. There are several options for us. I’ve listed a few below. Feel free to share your successes in the comments below.

How to Sell Antiques Online

Southern Antiques & Accents

The lovely, friendly and well-stocked antique mall where I’m privileged to have my shops has recently closed temporarily. Social distancing and curbside delivery has been our uncomplicated, yet renowned customer service until now. Since the Alabama Governor, Kay Ivy, closed all non-essential businesses, we have continued to sell. We’ve been so fortunate that our customers love us enough to switch to online shopping. Check out our Facebook MarketPlace site as well as my products listed here on this site. New items are listed on both sites daily. Our store SAA is located at 254 S. Greeno Road in Fairhope, AL 36532.

Locally, on Facebook Marketplace there are several Trading Groups where dealers can cross-post their items. It is helpful for the customer if you list where the items are located. If you list an item in a town several miles away, be sure to add that the antique piece can be seen in person at your shop and add address.

  • Baldwin Co. Buy, Sell & Trade
  • Foley Buy/Sell/Trade
  • Cotton Belle Marketplace
  • Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Foley Buy/Sell/Trade
  • And so many others

Flea Market Insiders

Flea Market Insiders offers us 9 Tips for How to Sell Antiques Online.They suggest everything from curating a specific inventory, to encouraging reviews and feedback from happy customers.

sell antiques online

Other Places to Sell Your Stuff

The following apps all offer opportunities to cross post your items. This month Letgo and OfferUp will be merging their US marketplaces, so be sure to read terms and conditions of both.

Letgo is a mobile app for selling anything you need to get rid of.

Another option that offers the same type of selling is OfferUp.

Shopify is another option, but has monthly fees attached to your account.

We all have to get creative in this time of uncertainty. But, fortunately we continue to hear wonderful stories of people helping each other out. If you have other ideas or stories of success, please share them below in the comments. We will all get through this together.


Vintage Fashion Accessories in Your Jewelry Box

Vintage Fashion Accessories in Your Jewelry Box

What goes around, comes around, right? That is particularly true in the fashion world. It is still true that pearls go with everything, vintage pieces mesmerize and mood rings change colors.

Vintage Accessory Mood Ring

Finding Vintage Fashion Accessories

If your mood calls for a little retail therapy, I have a few suggestions.

  • Stop by your local antique mall.
  • Visit estate sales.
  • Look through your childhood jewelry box.
  • Raid your mother’s jewelry box.
  • Shop ecumenical ministry thrift stores.

My favorite vintage jewelry to search for are opals, cameos, vintage costume brooches and bracelets.


The first piece of jewelry my parents gave me was an opal ring. On Christmas morning I slipped it on my finger and wore it every day until I got engaged. I have since passed it down to my daughter, but it is still one of my favorites.

vintage fashion accessories opal ring
vintage fashion opal ring



I have always loved the delicate carvings of cameos. While in China recently, we toured an cameo factory and I bought my first cameo brooch. They offered several colors but I wanted the original design carved from a carnelian shell.

vintage fashion accessories cameo brooch

The ring was a gift from my mom and I love wearing them together. This design is likely the one that caught the attention of Napoleon. It was the general who wore a cameo at his own wedding and then founded a French school of cameo carvers. And during the Elizabethan Age, cameos were used to adorn heroes and people in service to their country.

vintage fashion accessories cameos

Soon after, cameos became a status symbol for the wealthy and social classes. It is the delicacy and colors that I love. In particular, I love wearing them with navy, denim, emerald green and deep purple.


Shopping for vintage costume brooches can be both fun and frustrating. I search for good quality with metal backings and no missing gems or stones. As mentioned earlier, antique malls, estate sales, nice thrift stores, family jewelry boxes and some flea markets offer some luck in finding good pieces. Where have you found your favorite brooch?

CoziNest Antiques and Decor – We are Moving!

CoziNest Antiques and Decor has Moved

It is a bittersweet time at CoziNest Antiques and Decor. We are closing the “proverbial” doors to our booth at Daphne Antique Galleria. I’m sad to be leaving all the great people at the place I’ve lovingly called “DAG” for the last 3 years. I’ve had great times, made great friends and met so many wonderful customers. But, it is time to consolidate to one location instead of two, so I’m happy to announce my one and only shop. Please visit me at:

Southern Antiques & Accents

Booth #115

254 Greeno Road

Fairhope, AL 36532

Our next Ladies Night Out, will be Tuesday March 19, 2019 from 6 – 8 pm. I hope you can stop by for a fun night with door prizes and a 10% discount throughout the mall.

Just so you know what you’ve missed at previous Ladies Nights:

One month in the Heart for Dixie booth, I served biscuits and gravy with sweet tea, y’all.

Last month in my new location, I served peach cobbler with whipped cream.

For March, how about mini cheesecakes with cherry topping? This will be delicious with a glass of wine while you shop!

CoziNest Antiques & Decor

Send me an email if you plan to visit soon and I’ll let them know how special you are! New friends who comment below or send an email will get 10% off any purchase over $100.

I will always cherish my days in Daphne. I’ve had great fun writing about the fabulous finds in this mall. You can read about them below. I encourage all my readers to stop by regularly. You will never be disappointed.


Don’t Forget the New Location!

CoziNest Antiques and Decor

Please stop by Booth #115 and say hello!

Antiques and Collectibles – The Ultimate Guide

Antiques and Collectibles, What are They?

Just like a bride on her wedding day, our collectibles are either something old, something new, something borrowed or something blue? A bride chooses these items carefully, so they are cherished forever as part of one of the best days of her life.  And so it is with our antiques and collectibles, like crystal champagne flutes or blue shoes.

Antiques and Collectibles Blue Shoes

An antique is any item having value because of its design or historical significance. At one time these keepsakes were at least 100 years old, but some now describe these objects as anything old. A true antique is over 100 years old. Anything “younger” is described at vintage.

A collectable is any object deemed worthy of being acquired by many. Some items appreciate in value over time, while others may be cherished due to their scarcity or even oddity. And there may be some who admire a token simply because it’s the right shade of blue.

Collectors of Every Age

As I began research into this article about antiques and collectibles , I assumed that children were the reason collections started in the first place. But after being led to A Cultural History of the Baseball Card, I realized I was wrong. According to the writer of this article, adults began collecting celebrity cards in packs of cigarettes long before little Johnny had to have the rookie card of Babe Ruth.

Baseball Card Collector

As a young girl, my neighbor encouraged my interest in salt and pepper shakers. I was not even a cook yet, but I fell in love with the little ceramic mimics of cats, dogs, butterflies, houses, and cartoon characters. From the age of about 10 or so, my little collection sat on my yellow chest of drawers in my butterfly-decorated bedroom. Not one of them contained any salt or pepper.

Today, I am much relieved that my interests have become a bit more sophisticated. However, I wish I’d saved just one set of my salt and pepper shakers. Simply for the memory, which leads me to the reasons why we collect.

4 Reasons Why We Collect

Why does an item gain importance to a collector in the first place? I suggest 4 reasons.

  1. You either want to put some fun into functional; like ceramic salt and pepper shaker,
  2. It is a piece of memorabilia that we want to invest in due to its value, as with baseball cards…
  3. It is an heirloom, handed down through an inheritance. Grandma’s china may not have survived over 100 years, but you were lucky enough to have one of her clocks of the same pattern bequeathed to you. And finally,
  4. It is just something you love! Like comic books or record albums.


Comic Book Collectibles

Knowledge is King

So how do you know if your comic books are valuable? How much should you pay for a matching tea set of Grandma’s clock? The answer is research. There are websites such as Replacements, Ltd, Comic Book Price Guide and just about any other collectable you could be interested in. If there is a specialty shop in your town, go early and go often. Ask another collector a question and you might make a new lifelong friend. We all love to talk about our collections, which increases our knowledge as we learn from each other.

How to Improve Your Collection

The first thing I’m going to suggest is something you might hate. Sign up for emails. What better way to stay in the know of what’s available than to subscribe to different blogs, antique stores, gift shops and sports teams? You can always unsubscribe if you don’t find the information you need.

Shop regularly was also mentioned under Knowledge is King because it is doubly important. Not only does going often educate you, it also gives you the best shot of getting something as soon as it comes in.

Finally, make friends with shop owners as well as other collectors. If they know you are a serious collector, dealers will keep you posted about their inventory.

Your Path to Success as a Collector

According to how serious a collector you are, travel may be involved. Another reason to collect frequent flyer miles, if you ask me! Attend auctions, estate sales and even yard sales. If it is something that is just now coming into vogue, shop after Christmas sales, going out of business sales and log in often to Ebay and Etsy.

computer shopping

Most importantly, do not pass any antique malls! Shopping online may be easy, but someone has already juried a collection for you in an antique shop. You can hold the memorabilia in your hands and check for defects in person. Local businesses will learn to love you because you help keep them alive in their little corner of the world. It is a Win/Win. While you are there browsing for your favorite antiques and collectibles, you just might find the perfect shadow box, bookcase or locker for storing your new find.

Daphne Antique Galleria

Southern Antiques & Accents

What do you collect? Anything blue, by chance?





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Antique Lovers, She’s Got Legs!

Speaking of antiques, how many of you beautiful, vintage ladies remember the 1983 ZZ Top Hit, She’s Got Legs? Well, I have that tune stuck in my head now because of a treasure in my antique booth.

Duncan Phyfe Table

You  can read all about this  White Trash Treasure in this post. But today, lovelies, we’re gonna talk about legs ready for a catwalk.

She’s got legs, she knows how to use them…

She’s so fine, she’s all mine
Girl, you got it right

She’s Got Antique Legs

Ok, what? Antique legs, ready for a catwalk? Here’s the scoop. This beautiful, vintage “Duncan Phyfe” side table has a 3-legged base with brass-capped claw feet. The originals were only in production for about 40 years in the early 1800’s. If you are an antique lover, run, do not cat-walk to CoziNest Antiques & Decor inside the Daphne Antique Galleria. She’s painted white with a round [removable] mirror on top. It’s perfect as a side table, vanity, foyer table or high top coffee table.

duncan phyfe table with mirror

She has a chic finish with dainty and feminine lines. She has sturdy, peppy legs fit for a catwalk or a prop for photos. I picture her paired with a modern, acrylic chair with fur draped across it. Or use it to decorate for Fall.

Table with Pumpkins

Get a Leg-up on Fellow Shoppers

If you want to get a leg-up on other customers, share this post on your social media. Pin it! Share it on Facebook and upload it to Instagram. Your name will go in a drawing for a pair of my new Cozy Feet Socks. The perfect gift for your crazy legs!  Especially if you wear short shorts! And don’t forget… Your name is entered each time you share. Winner will be announced the day this vintage piece walks out my door!

Aqua Cozy Feet Socks

Cat Walk

So if you are an antique lover AND a cat lover, picture your baby walking across my 3-legged table with claw feet.  Just as I promised, legs fit for a cat walk!

Do you have that “She’s Got Legs” tune stuck in your head? Do not despair, lovelies! Drop everything, shave your legs and visit the Daphne Antique Galleria where you’ll find this beaut! Lovely music plays throughout the mall. Cozy socks for your feet. Vintage table for your house. New tune for your head. We have it all at CoziNest Antiques & Decor.

4 Ways to Grow Your Compassion While Shopping Estate Sales

Shopping Estate Sales

house for sale

CoziNest is an antique business looking for the very best deals on good quality furnishings. One of the best places to find great pieces is at an estate sale.

Growing Your Compassion While Shopping

This past weekend 007 and I organized our trip to 4 different estate sales all within 30 miles of each other. We were searching for a couple of pieces of furniture within a limited budget. We found our pieces, but more importantly, at each sale I learned something about myself.

Estate Sale Closet

  1. I felt it important to show sensitivity to the family, even though they may not be in attendance. As I walked into a ladies’ closet and ran my hand over her clothing, I found myself imagining the occasions she wore certain items. Perhaps she got dressed up for a grandchild’s graduation, a family picnic or a baby’s christening.
  2. Although these are tangible, material things, I wanted to show tenderness toward the items. I wondered if the bracelets I was stretching over my wrist were a birthday gift, or a souvenir from a fun, family vacation. Did she get them for Christmas, or some on her wedding day? The trophies that lined shelves were awards or medals achieved for a job well-done or service to our collection
  3. In one particular house, there were some very pretty, dainty pieces of furniture. It was sad to think that no one in her family wanted these heirlooms. Then I felt sorry for the family who had to make the decisions to part with them. We talked all the way home, morbidly I admit, about how to spare our children from the hassle. Vintage Toys
  4. I wanted to assume the best about their life and strive to live that way in my own. “Life is hard and then you die,” is a sarcastic quote I’ve heard through the years. Estate sales remind me of this. Life is short. Listen to music, play with the kids, read lots of books, dress up for special occasions and clean out your closets. Unless… your children kept messy rooms. Hehehe.


The two pieces of furniture are going to my booth today. But, I have a much greater appreciation for each piece. I didn’t mind polishing the wood or vacuuming the upholstery. The hardest part was pricing them.


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