Vintage Spoon Wall Planters Add Miraculous Healing to Your Home


Set of Two Vintage Spoon Wall Planters

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Vintage Spoon Wall Planters

These spoon wall planters are metal. Other purposes include use as a soap dish or alone as a decorative accent. The original gold color is now updated to a distressed ivory with flecks of gold showing through. Amy Howard Paint, Dust of Ages and Dark Wax was applied. You can also use Farmhouse Paint.
Vintage Wall Spoon Wall Planters

Ideas for vintage wall spoon planters

  • hang in a bathroom for decorative soaps
  • drop in bath bombs to keep them in one place
  • use as a planter for greenery
  • plant succulents
  • combine in a wall collage in your kitchen
  • add fresh flowers to wet foam for a pantry shower
  • make a pin cushion in the bowls for a sewing room
  • hang on a closet wall for safety pins and loose buttons
  • place near the door for keys and loose change

These planters make a vintage statement hanging near a garden, as you’ll see in this best vintage garden ideas post.

Add Healing to Your Home

The aloe vera plant is a succulent that has soothing and healing qualities. Use after a sunburn or household kitchen accident. Plant in a shallow plastic tub or bowl with holes for drainage. Be sure to hang it where it gets sunlight. When time to water, remove bowl and water deeply, but not too often – about once every 3 weeks. Once draining is complete, replace plant in wall spoon planters. These would be nice on a porch or hanging on the side of a she shed!


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