Get Yo Twang On with These 4 Sacred Southern Tea Towels


28″L x 18″W Cotton Tea Towel w/ Southern Saying, 4 Styles

These 4 sayin’s are a bona fide donation to the continuance of our southern dialect. Buy them by the dozen and give them to all your suthern, noathern and heartland kinfolk and friends.




I love to hear a woman speak with a sweet southern drawl. Unfortunately, our southern drawl is disappearing almost as quickly as toilet paper during a virus outbreak. Practice your own southern twang by draping these 4 dawlin’, but sacred, southern tea towels around your kitchen.

southern tea towels


4 Southern Tea Towels

Yes Ma’am and Biscuits & Gravy

If you want to truly sound southern, draw out your syllables and use lots of metaphors. To answer politely to any woman in the south, especially yur elders, you say an affirmative “Ya es, maa’aam” and you say it often! To tell someone you love them so so so so so much, you tell them you love ’em “lak biskits n graaaveee”! Cause we all love our biscuits and well, gravy is like the cherry on top of a loaded Sundae. This morning staple is one all southerners will splurge on at least once in all of tarnation.

southern tea towels

And don’t forget that in most southern homes, every lady knows that pearls go with everything! So add a few to your jewelry box!

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Yes Ma'am, Biscuits n Gravy, Bless Your Heart, Hey Ya'll


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