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She Starts Chemo Today

If you read the post, I Am the Rock, you may have read the precious comment from my new friend, Elizabeth.

Hi Kim! I’m Elizabeth, and I just love this post. I’ve been leaning heavily on The Word as I deal with terminal bile duct cancer. The pictures on your blog are stunning and truly exemplify our Rock. If you are in Fairhope, I’d love for you to stop in my shop, Abigail’s Closet, one day. I start treatment tomorrow, but I hope to be in the shop on a more regular basis very soon.


Kim @ CoziNest November 4, 2015 at 3:03 pm [edit]

Elizabeth, my heart goes out to you. I will definitely add you to my prayer list. I pray now for His healing hands to hold you throughout your treatment. I also pray that you will experience His love and compassion in ways you never have before. I’ll stop by soon. I can’t wait to meet you.

Elizabeth Ketchem November 4, 2015 at 3:55 pm [edit]

Oh Kim, that’s the thing-we already have! I want everyone to know the amazing things God does for those who love Him. I’m a sinner-no doubt, and I have doubts too, but our God is HUGE and He’s big enough for that. When I woke from the diagnostic procedure, after the doc told me, the first thing I asked was “ok-do I have enough time to tell everyone what God has done for us-the sorriest of sinners?” I want everyone to know how REAL He is, even when we don’t feel Him.

Have a blessed evening! And pray for me-I start chemo tomorrow!

I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth yet. I hope to see her this week. I want to meet the lady behind such courage. I want to meet the lady with a heart so full of love for her Savior that she leans not on her own understanding, but on THE WORD. I want to talk with my sister who shares in the experience of how REAL He is. I am anxious to hug the neck of a woman who admits her doubts in the same breath that she acknowledges how HUGE He is.

After reading Elizabeth’s comments, I also learned that the man who led my sweet daddy to Christ passed away yesterday. A man who knew how HUGE God is. A man who knew exactly what Jesus has done for us-the sorriest of sinners, and explained it beautifully to my daddy 37 years ago.

As I thought about Elizabeth’s courage to face terminal bile duct cancer, I imagined her putting on the full armor of Christ to prepare for battle. I then realized that Robert now sits in the presence of TRUTH, He is held in the bosom of RIGHTEOUSNESS and and that he likely left his GOSPEL shoes at the pearly gates. Robert has lain down his shield since his faith is now personified and he is no longer dodging those fiery darts. Robert speaks with his SALVATION who is THE WORD OF GOD. I even imagine that the armor he has laid down is the same that Elizabeth now picks up. For everything there is a season.

I’ve reached out to Elizabeth in a private email and learned that there will be a shop-a-thon hosted by friends and family this weekend to benefit her family. She owns a consignment store here in Fairhope and it is her desire to have Abigail’s Closet thrive now and in her absense. Here is more about Abigail’s from her website:

Abigail’s Closet was born out of Elizabeth Ketchem’s desire to bring families the brands and items they love at a price they love too!  Elizabeth, a long time Fairhope resident, and her family, David, Abigail, and David Jr., have been committed to serving their community and making the most of what they have for their entire lives. Elizabeth got married in a gorgeous couture gown, found where else?  A consignment store!!

Throughout the children’s lives, the family consigned clothing online and Elizabeth operated Abigail’s Closet online for years.  fourth of july 2012 (2)

Seeing an opportunity in the trendy upscale market, Elizabeth opened Abigail’s Closet in December of 2012, and the rest is history!

We are located right in the heart of scenic Fairhope, Alabama on Church St. Our store hours are 10-5, Monday through Saturday.

Check out all the newest on the website and on Facebook!  Whether you find us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram @abigails_closet you’ll be up to date on all the new merchandise arriving daily.

Abigail's Closet

Somewhere on the Gulf Coast today, Elizabeth is beginning her chemotherapy. Somewhere on the Gulf Coast today someone is hearing how HUGE her God is. Please lift her in your prayers. Please support this family and stop in this weekend for the shop-a-thon.




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