Searching for the Perfect Job

A family member has been searching for a job for the past 4 1/2 months. It is a crazy process from what I went through with my last 8-5 position. With everything being web-based, how in the world do you ever get your name and heaven forbid, your face, in front of the potential employer?

It seems that it’s frowned upon if you actually get out of your house and walk in the front door to apply.  Oh no, you made an effort, you got dressed, you drove in an ice storm to get there, but nope, you broke protocol. YOU MUST APPLY ONLINE!

Apply Online
Apply Online

“Would it be ok if I just drop off my resume for Mrs. No Face to throw in the trash?” you might ask, only to be sneered at with the response, “Well, you can leave it, but it will likely end up in the trash.” Hello, are you listening to me?

File 13
File 13

Are we becoming a society that cannot be bothered by real people? I mean really!  Am I interpreting this correctly? It is better for the job applicant to stay at home in their pajamas, un-showered, no make-up, eating bon-bons, and with the click of a mouse, send their information into the abyss?

And, I am just curious, since I’ve never been the hirer, how do they go through the multitudes of resumes and decide, “this one looks better than all the rest??” Is it the fabulous looking cover letter that is typed in black ink with four spaces between the date and the address? Or could it be the actual resume itself that is filled with information about how great we are, that Mrs. No Face is too tired to read thoroughly and it gets “moved,” instead of tossed into the cybertrash.


After 4 1/2 months of doing it the “right way,” our family member was called for her first interview. They loved her. She’s been told she’s the top candidate right now and they will call her next week with the final decision. If someone else comes in and knocks their socks off before then, do you think they’ll call to tell her to keep looking? The job has been open for nearly 3 of her 4 1/2 month search. Wouldn’t it have all been a little easier if she’d walked in the front door and sat down with someone when the job opened? Then they could do their little background check, call the references and offer her the job.

Job Interview
Job Interview

Call me old fashioned, anti-computer (I work on a computer everyday, but whatever!), or just plain cynical, but I’m just asking, whatever happened to the A for effort? The first impression? The hit-the-pavement mentality? As parents we are forced to limit our children’s time on a computer to broaden their horizons, expose them to adventure, and keep them involved with people for better social skills.

But, in the quest for the one thing that is going sustain us, give us purpose, build our confidence and put food in our bellies, we’re encouraged to stay home or at our office desk and just click, click, click away.

Share with me, please, the tales of your search for the perfect job. Is it still who you know and not so much what you know that gets you in the door? And if that’s the case, how’d you get to know them? On the internet?

5 thoughts on “Searching for the Perfect Job

  1. When I was employed it was not what you know but who you know and I remember many days the boss would walk out of his office and say the next person that walks through the door and wants to apply for a joy send her to my office and nine times out of ten if she looked good she got the job. And all this time he had a drawer full of applications. Hopefully this has changed today but for sure it helps to have someone on the inside putting in a good word for you. That also worked in my day.

  2. It is very difficult. Computers scanning for key words is good for weeding out those who aren’t qualified for the position. But what about the intangibles which are gleaned from another human pair of eyes reading these resumes? There are transferable jobs skills which a computer program may not be programmed to note.I have almost 5 years experience in looking, getting interviews, etc. Nothing has happened, yet. It is still beneficial to have a name of someone in the company to include either in the cover letter or the application. But, it is no guarantee. I would love to know the sure-fire formula for this one.

  3. On one hand, if there were 800 people applying for the job, I can understand that you wouldn’t want them all walking in off the street all day long, but on the other hand, I would totally appreciate the extra effort of someone who showed some initiative. People tend to be one thing on paper and another thing in person. (said the lady who blogs!!!!)

    1. Hope, all I can say to that is, new friendships are similar to the job hunt. It takes initiative and “interview” time. I love what I see on “paper” and have enjoyed every minute of our coffee time!!! You, my dear are one of those rare people who look good on paper and in person. Said one blogger to another.

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