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A Private Peek into France and Italy


A Private Peek

As many of you know, 007 and I recently went globe-trotting across the Atlantic to join a Mediterranean cruise of France, Italy and Greece. I’ve shared a bit about Aix en Provenće and thought I would continue a series on our trip. This is what I call my “global whisper of history”. There is so much to our ancestry, our cultural development and yes, even a glimpse into the craftsmanship of our forefathers. Architecture, furnishings, and lifestyles of the past fascinate me. I hope they do you, as well. If so, here is a private peek into our ramblings of France and Italy.

France and Italy

Marseille, France

If you recall, I shared a tiny bit about our first day in the post mentioned above. We visited the Aix Cathedral that day and the Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde in Marseille, France. Here is a glimpse of that breathtaking site.

Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde

It is the most visited site in Marseille and sits atop the highest point on that coast. The views are very much worth the journey. The Virgin and Child atop the tower are visible for miles out to sea. Our “Lady of the Guard” looks over the Mediterranean to protect and welcome the sailors and travelers of the day. One word of caution, there are a lot of steps that lead to the pinnacle.

Mediterranean Sea

The view is panoramic. You can see the city, the sea and the islands on a clear day.

Ramblings through France



According to our guide, it took 5 years to build and marble and other materials were shipped from Italy. It reminds me of a nave we saw in Italy.

France and Italy - Ceiling at Medici Palace

If I’m not mistaken, this is an inner courtyard of the Medici Palace in Florence, Italy. It’s been 4 years since that trip. 😉 The “beams” of this nave are similar to the corners of the Basilique.

Le Christ et sainte veronique

Le Christ et St. Veronique

Woman Wiping Face of Jesus

Some believe this is Mary and her son, but according to the site information, it is not. Jesus is wearing the crown of thorns, but there are no wounds to his hands or feet. This statue is the suffering Christ, possibly after He was flogged, being comforted by a woman, on the way to the cross. It was a reminder to me that His suffering started long before He was nailed to the cross. And that as women, we are natural nurturers. He no longer needs comforting at the right hand of God, but oh that we would all appreciate His sacrifice like this woman.


View from Basilique


Me and 007

And…… here is the proof we were there!

Our souvenir from this stop was a small replica of the Le Christe et Sainte Veroniqué. It sits beside my prayer chair. It reminds me that the victory has been won. Now, onto my promise of France and Italy.

A Little Village in Cinque Terre

Manorola, Italy

After the view of Marseille, we hopped over to a little village in Cinque Terre, called Manorola. This was one of my favorite stops of the whole trip. After a short bus ride to this roadside park, we meandered along a path to the center of the village.

Italian Creek

We followed this creek into town.


Bridge over Creek


Mosaic in center of village

This mosaic was in the center of the village with the park sign below not too far away.

Parco Nazionale Delle Cinque Terre

Manarola Seaside

View from the center of the village. I loved the view of the sea, the winding path and the terraced farming along the hillsides.

Bell Tower


The Church of San Lorenzo. No wonder the colors of Italy never go out of style! Even with a little aged patina, the buildings are beautiful.


Beautiful alter.

Winding Through the Streets of Manarola

Manarola Street

Heading down toward the sea.

Hanging clothes

I loved looking behind me as I walked. It was looking back that I caught this photo of another common site. Hanging laundry.

Sidewalk Boats

Boats, “docked” on sidewalks.

Gift Shop

And this little jewel of a gift shop is where we found demitasse cups, and a lemon magnet.

looking uphill

green door

Leave it to me to take a picture of a door. I love to imagine what it’s like to come and go as a local.


And once again, a quick selfie to prove to ourselves that we really did visit France and Italy.

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