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Photo Gallery of Skagway, AK

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I know you’ll agree that the gallery I’m posting today needs little to no commentary. This was my favorite part of our trip.

Skagway Harbor View

We boarded a train and left Skagway Harbor (at the base of mountain in this picture and headed up the Trail of 98. We were following the same trail as the miners of the Gold Rush Days.

Photo Gallery of Skagway AK

Trail of 98

Our train track was wider than the trail these men  blazed.

White Pass Trail

Barely room for a billy goat on this trail.

Heading into Tunnel

Through the mountain and over trestles.

Looking back down the track

Blue sky in Skagway

Scenes from the back of our railway car.

Into the Hills

Mountain Mirror Mountain and Lake

Mirror Lake

Mountain streams Mountain View Snow in the Hills Stream

Lone Power Pole

Leaning Power Pole

Those who know Mr. Cozi know that he is in the utility business. We loved these old power poles that were long since abandoned along the pass.

Upside Down MountainGlacier Against Blue Sky

All Aboard!

Our next stop was the Swinging Bridge in Canada. It hangs across a 60 foot gorge and is surrounded by some of the most breathtaking views of our trip.

Landscape Yukon

Looking Up River

Yukon Valley and Tusci River

Crossing the Bridge

JaynKim SwingingBridge

Mr. and Mrs. Cozi.

Mr. Cozi

 He is so good looking and so sweet to hold my coffee while taking pictures!

Swinging Bridge

Yukon Valley

And we had a wildlife sighting on the trip back down the mountain. This black bear crossed the road in front of our bus and our driver was kind enough to stop and let us all get a picture as he disappeared into the brush. A passenger thought it was a cub, but no… the driver says this is the average size of an adult bear in Alaska. We had not seen any wildlife all day, so this caused lots of gasps and squeals on the bus.


Once we saw the bear, it’s like a collective sigh of relief passed through the bus. Mountains, check. Snow, check. River, check. Bear, check.

I hope you enjoyed my photo gallery, but more than that, I hope you get to see it all yourself someday!

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