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5 Swoon-Worthy Patriotic Room Ideas: Wishlist for Summer Holidays

Patriotic Room Ideas: Red White and Blue or Neutrals for July 4th?

Independence Day on July 4th is fast upon us! What are you doing for your summer decor? Do you decorate for this patriotic holiday? If so, do you use the traditional red, white and blue or something more neutral?

It’s a hard thing for traditionalists like me to accept that primary colors, except for maybe navy blue, are not the “in thing” right now. With neutrals, white, beige and gray still dominating the decor landscape, it makes it difficult to decorate for holidays that have traditionally included red. I had a hard time getting rid of red when it started to fade in popularity. That’s why I think it’s perfect for holidays!

American Flag

Red is such a powerful color and therefore, creates swoon-worthy vignettes. I love the saying, “Free, because of the brave!” Old Glory’s stars and stripes are a great starting point for all patriotic decor throughout the year. From Martin Luther King Day to Veterans Day, red, white and blue shout freedom better than any other color combination. Don’t you agree?

If like me, you love a more traditional style of decor, then there’s no holiday – other than maybe Christmas – that opens up so many opportunities for a fun and festive vignette! Here are a few patriotic room ideas to inspire you to bring out the red, white and blue.

For a Vintage Mantel

French Laundry is a blogger with lovely French, vintage style. Her mantel shows her love of country, home and of course, antiques. A lovely combination of red, white and blue with vintage mirrors, ironstone and kerosene lanterns conjure of images of Betsy Ross sewing Old Glory by candlelight. The eagle placed center-stage makes my heart soar with love for the USA!

July 4 Mantel

“Land that I Love” – the Dining Room

Desiree G on Hometalk shows how to pull together a vintage chic centerpiece for our dining room table. She used simple vases with greenery and flags atop a blue and white striped tablecloth to showcase the stars and stripes.

patriotic dining room

A Simple Addition in the Bathroom

Kirsten with Home by KMB adds these lovely hand towels to her powder room for a touch of patriotism that’s not over the top. It’s perfect!

patriotic room ideas

Outdoor Patriotic Room Ideas

Her porch is adorable, too! Outdoor spaces are a perfect spot to show your patriotism.

patriotic porch

Decorate Your Mailbox for the 4th, too!

Chloe with Celebrate and Decorate shares how to make a shining example of patriotism by adding mailbox decor.

patriotic mailbox

I absolutely love patriotic decor. My most poignant memories include the days after 9/11 when flags were flying all over our country. Even during such an unsettled, sad time in our country’s history, it felt good to wave a flag. Our flag symbolized unity, courage and support of all military and first responders.

One of my favorite images is the one the firemen raised at Ground Zero while still searching for survivors. Other images include the flag raised over Iwo Jima during WWII and the Cambridge Cemetery of US soldiers in England. We are indeed free because of the brave and the fact that God shed His grace on us.

Cambridge Cemetery


Thank you to all who have given so much for our freedom!


Bring on the red, white and blue! 

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Call the store at 251-517-7047 for all your red, white and blue needs!

Happy 4th of July to all!

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