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Organizing a Home Office Using Antiques & Collectibles

I have a new project.  Once 007 retired and cleaned out his work office, we had a few too many items to display.  He received so many gifts and awards through the years, that we decided to focus on his accomplishments. He has worked very hard the last 36 years and I wanted it to show. I’ve taken a few before shots without even straightening the desk.  I want you to see it in it’s full disfunction.

Home Office Before

Organizing a Home Office Using Antiques & Collectibles

In its current state, it feels sloppy and disorganized.  The vine hanging down was an accident, thanks to Mr. O’haraRoo – our cat. That’s a story for another day.

Office BeforeI apologize for the poor quality photos. These were made with an old phone. One good thing I can say about this tho, it’s a “view to a thrill.”  The pictures on the desk are family photos taken in Disney World.

Home Office After

Using Antiques in Home Office Decor

Home Office

My retirement gift to 007 was an antique voltage meter which I placed on top of the credenza hutch.

miss electra

Alabama Power’s Miss Electra is an award he earned.


36 Years of Southernisms at Work.

His coworkers made this for him. It contains all of his repeated sayings. Such fun!

corner curio

Family photos were updated and an inbox added to keep us on our toes. Hehe! You’ll notice the baby shoes on the desk. They’re on the list to be bronzed. What do you think of the corner curio? Should I paint it? If so, I’m thinking of adding books, etc. for the office instead of storing our extra china.

family photos

Thing 1’s Wedding Day

antique suitcase speaker

This suitcase was a gift to 007 from his mom. She gave it to him the day he graduated from Auburn University. He packed his suits for interviews, swim trunks for vacations and steel-toed boots for plant visits. It was a great gift. He didn’t want to part with it when he changed to rolling luggage, so Wade at Dr. Music converted it into a bluetooth speaker for him. Now we can enjoy our playlist from any room in the house, including the office.

Home Office Before and After

So what do you think? Better?

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