November, A Month of Gratitude

If you were asked to take a photo of gratitude, how would you do it? What says thankfulness best in a photograph?

Fall Wagon

Is it a horn of plenty? (Or wagon in this case?)

31 Days of Flipping Out

A Plate of Food?

November, A Month of Gratitude

Hugging the gift you’re given?



Looking Up to Someone

Looking Up to Someone?

I heart you.

Sharing the global sign of love?


Or would you simply make a list of words?

November is the month of gratitude. What are you giving thanks for this year?

My list begins with one word:


3 thoughts on “November, A Month of Gratitude

  1. So much to be grateful for, my friend. Life’s a good word to start with. I immediately thought of another…will share in a photograph later this week. Gratitude would be a great topic throughout November’s Thoughtful Thursdays.

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