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Mixing Metals in Your Home

When I was growing up, mixing metals in your jewelry was a NO-NO! If your earrings were gold and the buckle on your belt was silver, well, you must have gotten dressed in the dark! Things have changed. Thank goodness! I love bracelets and enjoy wearing silver and gold together. My wedding rings are gold, but when silver came in with a force and hasn’t shown any signs of retreating, I had to make adjustments.

Mixing jewelry metals

The main metal I wear now is silver. My watch is gold and silver and depending on wardrobe choices I will make one of them the dominant metal. In the fashion world, we have gold, silver, and rose gold. In the home fashion world, we have silver/chrome, gold/brass, bronze, and copper. On this 7th day of Decorating Tabletops, which happens to also be Fashion Friday, I’m going to do the same in my home as I do with my jewelry. Mix metals.

sunburst mixed metal mirror

This frame has a dominant-gold metal. I chose to soften the gold, by adding a mixed metal sunburst mirror above.

sunburst mirror
mixed metals in the bath

A bronze faucet looks terrific with a silver and bronze mirror in the bath. (Stay tuned for countertop decor in an upcoming post.)

mixed metals in tablesettings

In a recent autumn tablescape post, a gold wine glass mixed with a bronze lantern complemented each other nicely.

silver and gold cocktail mug

Here’s a sneak peak into a future tablescape. These hammered, silver cocktail mugs with gold handle keep your drink cold and your hands dry.

mixed metal picture frames

The mix in this gallery wall works because the nautical theme is more dominant than the frames.  The clock and mirror echo each other in shape and the gold accent in the clock mirrors the frame placed diagonally across from it. Yes, there is a large space at the bottom that needs to be filled. I’m waiting on just the right piece.

If, by chance, you aren’t quite ready to dive into the whole gold scene again, you might consider just dipping a toe into the midas waters. Here are a few ideas from across the web:

Leg-Dipped Chairs

 Photo from Home & Garden


Plywood table dipped in gold


Remember the plywood tables we covered with tablecloths in the 80’s? Look how fabulous this looks painted with the legs dipped in gold! Any metal combination would be great. Why did we not think of this sooner!?

And how about dressing up some really cheap battery-operated candles?

taped candles for gold leafing

A trio of silver, glittery candles that I use at Christmas. They were very inexpensive, so attempting to dress them up was a no-brainer.

gold leafed candles

Quick and easy painting.

drying candles


chevron gold-leafed candle

Makes a dressy statement on my autumn tablescape.

gold leafed candles

ambient autumn light

The soft ambient light is a nice addition.

Adding just a touch of gold will ease us back into the gold and brass days of the 80’s. Mixing metals can make it a little less harsh.

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