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June Southern Bloggers Jubilee

Our meeting on June 10, 2014 was at the Fairhope History Museum. It is a small museum because we are a small city, but this storehouse of information is big on sophistication, order and conservation. The cases filled with artifacts, pictures and stories on the walls  bring our past into a place of reverence and respect.  As a lover of stories, (writing, telling and reading), it was an absolute pleasure to be guided through these halls today, by the Museum Director, Donnie Barrett.

Fairhope History Museum.jpg

Mr. Barrett took us through a brief history of our areas’ activity in the Civil War.

Spanish Fort.jpg

Dannelly's Mill.jpg

A temporary base at Dannelly’s Mill was formed during the civil war, near the mouth of Fish River.


These walls built of lattice and bundles of sticks were called fascines. They were built to protect the troops from bullets. They were used throughout the civil war to re-enforce trenches.

Confederate Coat Replica

A replica of a Confederate Coat.

Federal Uniform Replicas.jpg

Replicas of Federal Uniforms were on display, as were a few rows of antique theatre seats.

It was like a reward for all the hours of research, photo editing and writing to relax in an antique theatre seat, imagining the buttery smell of popcorn in the holder in front of you.

Theatre Seats.jpg

Our group of bloggers didn’t get to see a movie this time, but we discussed making our own and using video to attract the under-30 audience to our blogs. As we find ourselves back in the year 2014, preparing for our own muse of stories, we spent our morning exploring topics such as social media, books on blogging, time management, topics for new blogs, security on the internet and most importantly… where do we meet for lunch? It was … once again … a very fun day.

If you are a blogger, blogger-wanna-be and live in or near south Alabama, you are welcome to join us sometime.


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