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Jewelry Shopping in Alaska

Alaska is all about gold, right? Doesn’t it make perfect sense to purchase a piece of jewelry you will wear forever while vacationing in a state you’ve fallen in love with? Not according to one of our excursion guides. As our tour ended, the captain of the catamaran we were exiting gave us this word of caution, “if you’re going jewelry shopping in town, think twice.” There was no time to dig deeper and get specific instructions, so I did a bit of research on my own. I found these recommendations:


According to locals, the stores with the best quality and best deals are the shops that are open year round.  Seasonal stores oftentimes mark up their wares so they can take huge discounts and make each patron feel they are getting a great deal.


When shopping in any store, look for the label that says the item was made in Alaska. Keep in mind that if the deal sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Take your time making your choices and shop around to compare quality and price.

Jewelry Shopping in Alaska


If you shop with a plan, you are less likely to be “suckered” into a deal that may have the bonus of buyer’s remorse. If you research pieces you are interested in before you leave home, you can find good deals. Do your homework. Be prepared to leave empty-handed if you don’t find the piece and the price that works best for you.

The earrings I purchased were by a designer named Charriol from Geneva.  I did purchase in a seasonal store, but my research proves they are sold in Bloomingdale’s and similar stores for much more than I paid for them. I got a great deal.  Yes, they are sold outside of Alaska, but every time I wear them, I think of Alaska and the great time I had shopping there.

Charriol Earrings

No buyers remorse here.

Speaking of great times, the first time I wore my earrings back home was to a luncheon with two of my favorite bloggers. Rhoda (right) from Southern Hospitality Blog and Leslie Anne of Fairhope Supply Co. (middle).

Blogger Friends

You might not be able to see my earrings, but look at these lovely gems! Rhoda was on a business trip here from Atlanta and stopped off in our fair city. We enjoyed lunch at Sunset Grill in Fairhope and had a great time catching up. Pictured with us below is Karen Traeger with the blog, Unfinished Business. She is a new friend and blogger. I can’t wait to see how her new business takes off!

Rhoda Vickers

My blog would never have gotten off the ground without advice from Rhoda and I would have quit 100 times since then if Leslie Anne were not one of my biggest cheerleaders. It was a great day. Good friends, good food and a piece of Alaska dangling from my ears. Life is good.

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