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Jewelry for Lady Justice

As long as I can remember, there was a set of scales sitting in my grandmother’s parlor. Yes, parlor. That is what she called the living room. Nanny, as we all affectionately called her, lived within her means and the things she owned, she loved. I remember the parlor feeling fancy, sort of French Provincial, with a coffee table that held “Lady Justice” and fake grapes.  The room was always closed off and we only went in there at Christmas to open presents.

The scales and grapes were the focal point of her accessories and when Nanny passed away, my sister, inherited them. She has cherished and displayed them from that day to this. So, today on Day 10 of 31 Days of Flipping Out, it gives me a great sense of pleasure to feature Lady Justice.

Lady Justice

Kristie currently uses them in her master bath, but they’ve been all over her house for the last 18 years; a gentle reminder of Nanny and her fancy parlor. When I think of the meager living my grandmother survived on for the last few years of her life, these empty scales seem more than appropriate.

Scale Measure

I don’t ever remember the scale mechanism working, but all its’ parts are in place.

Lady Justice

Lady Justice may not be measuring justice or storing fake grapes anymore, but she tips the scales in sentimental value. How do you balance the value of wedding rings and time keepers with the love and devotion for a grandmother?

Lady Justice


You don’t. How special that my sister has a nice place to store her jewelry, Nanny is thought of everyday and Lady Justice is still the focal point. I think Nanny would be proud.

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