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Hurricanes and Votives

I don’t know how many of you noticed, but I’ve missed a day or two in my 31 Day Challenge. I’ve had one loyal reader send me a message asking if I was ok because I had missed my challenge. You have no idea how that thrilled me! Anyway, here is the story. I’ve been out of town gathering all sorts of ideas for future flips, a possible business venture and helping a friend choose furnishings for her new home. It was a fun and productive trip, but as that one reader noticed, I’m a bit behind on my 31 day posts. Please forgive the multiple posts over the next few days, but I am determined to make my 31 flips in the month October. So, with all that said, my latest flip is over hurricanes and votives.

On a thrift score I found this set of hurricanes with matching votives. It’s funny, because as I approached the register to pay for these, my partner in crime and sister, Kristie, said, “I saw those and wondered what I could do with them, and now here you are with them! I know I’m gonna regret not picking them up!” Well, we will see…

31 Days of Flipping Out

Large Hurricane Before

31 Days of Flipping Out

This is one of the four votives as they were purchased. $3 for four, I might add!

31 Days of Flipping Out

Here it is after gold leafing. I plan to use these in different ways at Christmas. And let me add here, that gold/brass is coming back people! I know you’ve seen a little of it in the stores, but get ready… you will be seeing it more and more. That’s a little hint about where I’ve been over the last several days.

These hurricanes and votives will be pretty filled with fake snow and little trees, gold ornaments, lighted twigs, candy canes or a simple candle. I may even wrap a short strand of lights around the sides and add fresh greenery or flowers.

How would you use these hurricanes and votives?

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