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How to Look Pretty in an Ugly Christmas Sweater

Who wants to look ugly at a Christmas party? Hmmm…none of us ladies! So as you search to find that perfect balance of adequately tacky and pretty at the same time, check out these costumes. You’ll arrive at your Ugly Sweater Party looking pretty and not-so tacky. Buddy from Elf will be your escort throughout this tour…

Cassie Stephens shows us how to wear a tree skirt as an ugly sweater costume. (She couldn’t do ugly no matter how hard she tried!)

Ugly Sweater Ideas

I’m quite certain that “smiling is her favorite, too!” (Elf movie)

Pretty, Ugly Sweater Party Ideas

Such a pretty face… that “should be on a Christmas card!”

Pretty Ugly Sweater Ideas

Another human, “raised by elves.”



A Preppy State of Mind

Pretty, Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas


Pretty, Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

This inventive young lady found everything she needed to make the tinsel and bow skirt at Target. She’s definitely not an elf from the South Pole.


In Lala Land

Ornament Headband

“What’s your favorite color?”

Sloppy Elegance

Pretty, Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

Simple instructions to this Christmas Tree Strapless Dress make it a fun and pretty addition to your Ugly Sweater wardrobe.

“It looks like a Christmas Tree!”

And for a final treat…

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

My very favorite “cotton-headed ninny-muggins,” who loves to shout in the middle of busy shopping malls:


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