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How to Create Balance with Highs and Lows

Day 11 of 31 Days of Decorating Tabletops: How to Create Balance with Highs and Lows

In the beginning of the movie, Grease, Sandy is a sweet and shy girl that’s “too pure to be pink.” By the end of the movie, she struts through a funhouse in heels and leather pants, giving Danny chills that are “electrifying!”  Like millions of other fans, I love this movie and especially this scene. Every time I see it, I can’t help but wonder how many takes it took to walk through that wavering funhouse in heels. Keeping her balance while singing, walking, smoking and trying to look sexy was quite the stunt, in my opinion. Especially for a young girl who had no idea what she was doing. Creating balance in your funhouse rooms with high and low furnishings can also be quite an achievement.

Placing furniture and/or accessories so that one side of the room seems heavier than the other creates a whap-sided feel to the room. (That’s my technical term!) And it can make your family feel like you’re stumbling through a funhouse, only without the giggles. The rule here is, if one side of the room is heavy, try to balance the opposite side of the room with something similar in height or weight.

(I apologize for the poor quality of these photos. Busy day and no time to retake them.)

Balancing the adjacent wall of a large window

This is a large window and is the focal point of 007’s mancave. We placed the sailboat in the window and needed something to balance the size of the window on the opposite wall.

Balancing an Opposite Window Wall

This is the opposite wall to the window and we made the gallery of art the same width as the window and almost as tall. (New piece for bottom center is on our wish list.)

Dining Room China Cabinet

We have an open-concept living and dining room, with only two walls for furniture placement. On the end wall, we’ve placed our china cabinet and on the adjacent wall our small cocktail bar.


Diagonal from the china cabinet, we placed this antique buffet that was passed down from 007’s grandmother.  A painting and sunburst mirror reaches to the same size as the china cabinet.

Cottage Style Guest Room

This is our cottage-style guest room. We have twin beds that face each other for ease of morning conversation should there be two guests sleeping here. The window, chest, chair and bed make this side of the room very heavy.

What We Love Most

So, over the other twin bed, we placed a gallery of paintings among these words: “What we love most about our HOME is who we SHARE it with.”

Horse Painting

In the guest bath we have artwork of similar heights facing each other to balance the mirror and shower curtain.

Roerich Painting

The movie Grease seemed a little whap-sided at the end. The floor rolled beneath Sandy’s heels. The leather pants, wild hair and cigarette became a sharp contrast to the “too pure to be pink” girl we met in the first scene. But the result was pleasing to the audience.  There was light and there was dark on the screen. Come back tomorrow to see how to use contrast in your decor.

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