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How Not to Gain Weight on a Cruise

Yes, I know. I’m on vacation so why worry about gaining a little weight? Well, I have a goal I’m working toward and every week counts, so to throw caution to the wind for two weeks was not an option for me. This is day 6 on my 31 Day Writing Challenge and I am sharing with you how not to gain weight on a cruise.Foot on Bathroom Scale

Let’s be clear, it was not my goal to lose weight over my 2 week vacation, but I didn’t want to gain any. I had been on one other cruise before this one and had visions of midnight buffets, dessert with every meal, tropical drinks with little umbrellas and pounds of french fries. My idea of exercise on vacation is applying sunscreen, so I knew I had my work cut out for me.

So, here are 4 tips for a healthy cruise:


The first change I had to make was my exercise plan. Mr. Cozi and I discussed it before we left and decided that we would exercise a minimum of 3 times per week while on the cruise and walk as much as possible while in wine country. It’s not that we weren’t steady on our feet, but would be chauffeured through vineyards and exercise would be more difficult. As it turns out, one of my favorite memories is walking around the track on the back of the ship.

Walking Track


Next, I planned my splurges. I decided to have dessert on our anniversary and at one other meal on the ship. Mr. Cozi and I also shared both desserts so the serving size was not so big. Once in wine country, I knew chocolate would be a huge temptation, so I purchased a bag of Turtle Mini’s to have with red wine. No desserts, but a bite of chocolate at night satisfied.

Baked Alaska

Anniversary Dessert


This should go without saying, but if you don’t purchase the beverage plan, water can be problem. I refused to drink “tap” water brought on the ship, so bottled water was a must. And now the biggest challenge…


Attitude is half the battle. Deciding ahead of time that I would enjoy the food, but not overeat is a large part of my success. When moving through the buffet line, the plates are actually platters and can wreck your plan if filled up. I mentally cut the platter in half and filled half the platter with salad and/or fruit and the other half with the healthiest choices offered. In the specialty dining rooms I started with soup as often as possible. It was surprising how many healthy choices were on the menu. I allowed myself one or two glasses of wine at dinner and had two specialty drinks over the course of the week.

Blue Margarita

In addition to making healthy choices, I ate only until I was satisfied. I mean, food is everywhere all the time, so why overeat at any particular meal? I have no regrets. I didn’t gain even one pound and I do not feel deprived. It was a great trip with great food that I enjoyed… just not to excess.

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