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A Home with a Name Contest

Driving along the coast in Point Clear, AL, you see that most estates have a given name that describes the dreams of the owner or a description of the property. Having been to England within the last few months, I keep thinking about the Cotswolds, and Edinburgh in Scotland. Every palace and country home has a name. As I drive up to our little “cottage,” I’m reminded of England and desperately want a home with a name, even if it isn’t an estate.

My memories of England are what push me toward the naming of our home. I’d love a name that also prompts guests to think of our southern as well as English roots.

Our home in Fairhope.
Our cottage in Fairhope.
Hollyrood Palace
Hollyrood Palace, Scotland

In Fairhope, we are surrounded by oak trees with spanish moss, river birches, cotton fields, bird sanctuaries, and of course Mobile Bay.

Cotton Field in South Alabama
Cotton Field in South Alabama
My view while I walk.
Mobile Bay, AL

A short drive into downtown and you arrive in what my husband calls, Mayberry – only in color.

The Landmark Fairhope Clock
The Landmark Fairhope Clock

A drive a little further west and New Orleans is our playground with it’s Southern Creole influence. It is paradise. We love living here and now I want an endearing, romantic name that encompasses all the things we love about it, as well as the historical setting of Mobile Bay and our English ancestors who formed our great country. A contest is born. Please leave a comment with your choice for the name of our home and some creative individual will win a gift card at the end of the contest. The contest will begin on the day of this original post and end on February 14th – the most romantic day of the year (provided my hubby-do and I agree on a name.)

The winner will be announced on this website and a name board will be created and placed in a place of prominence on our property; no matter how short lived with homeowners association members. Even if passers by can’t see the name, I’ll know it and love it.

Thanks to my readers ahead of time for giving my home a name.





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