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Hockey Sweater Fashion

On a recent trip to Toronto, Canada, I learned that in the early days of hockey, jerseys were called sweaters, because they were actually sweaters. Commentators will still refer to them today as sweaters because of this.  007 and I visited the Hockey Hall of Fame where I found lots of hockey sweater fashion. Because I sometimes struggle with what to wear to sporting events, I thought some of you might like some ideas, too. I want to look supportive of my team, cute, and stylish. Here are a few ideas I came up with for sporting hockey team colors that look cute!
This post has affiliate links. I will earn a small commission if you purchase. I have personally chosen the colors and outfits that I love from Soft Surroundings – the perfect brand for ladies my age who want to live comfortably, yet stylish!
If your team is the USA…
usa hockey sweater
you might wear something like this:


from: Soft Surroundings

Toronto Maple Leafs
If you cheer for the Toronto Maple Leafs, you would look smashing in this…

P Silk Convertible Shirt & Cmi – $119.95

from: Soft Surroundings


If black and blue are your team colors, consider something like this:

Samantha Shirt – $89.95

from: Soft Surroundings



If like 007, you love the Penguins, then this would be adorable:

Women Effortless Knit Dress – $94.95

from: Soft Surroundings


Montreal Maroons

If your team colors are similar to the old Montreal Maroons, then you might choose these colorful and comfortable jeans:


from: Soft Surroundings

1922 Champs
And finally, if you are the champions of days gone by, you might want to wear this beautiful, camel-colored sweater!


from: Soft Surroundings

As I was writing this post, I couldn’t get the song, “If I were a Carpenter” out of my head. So here’s a verse for those who love the game of hockey, the players and a little romance at the same time.



If I were a hockey player
And you were a lady
Would you wear my sweater anyway?
Would you keep it past my heyday?
If my greatness is underplayed
Would you still find me
sexy upon the blades?
Followin’ behind me?
Save my love through loneliness
Save my love through sorrows
I’ve given you my onliness
Give me your tomorrows.

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