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Grand Ideas: Christmas Activities

Are the grandkids coming for a visit during the holidays? Here are a few ideas to keep everyone joyful and busy.

Easy Dot Sticker Christmas Trees

Christmas Activities with the Grandkids


This simple activity includes trees cut from construction paper and sticker dots. Any Christmas stickers would be fun.

Christmas Book Bingo

Christmas Activities with Grandkids

This is one of my favorite ideas because I am a book lover. As Grandma reads a Christmas book, the kiddos add Hershey’s Kisses to the squares when they hear the word that matches the picture. Click on the picture or the link to find a list of words that you want to be sure are in your books. You will also find a link that takes you to the free printable for the bingo cards. Very fun activity that would be a great cure for boredom. AND… they get to eat the kisses when the game is over!

Another similar activity is the Christmas I Spy Game. Click on the link for another free printable.

Christmas with the Grandkids

Help your grandkids build an Indoor Fort out of scrap wrapping paper. Even some of us adults love indoor forts!

Christmas with the Grandkids

How about a little game of Merry Fishmas?

Christmas with the Grandkids

For a little fun in the kitchen, check out these Christmas Tree Cones from Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Christmas with the Grandkids

And for those chilly nights beside the fire, brew up some delicious hot chocolate in your crockpot. Kids Activities Blog has a delicious recipe that will warm up their hearts. Bedtime stories about Christmas with hot cocoa? What a sweet memory that would create!

Christmas with the Grandkids

You can find lots more ideas at Kids Activities Blog. These are just a few of my personal favorites… for that day in my distant future…

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