Generosity in American Sniper

Mr. Cozi and I decided to see a movie over the weekend and as a result witnessed something so generous that it made me proud to be an American. We heard rave reviews about the movie, American Sniper, so we headed over to the Premiere Cinemas in Spanish Fort, AL.  After getting our popcorn and drinks, we settled in to watch the previews.

Movie Popcorn

In the middle of mostly mediocre trailers, the lights turned up and the sound was turned down. A gentleman introduced himself as the manager of the cinema (to a sold out theatre) and thanked all of us for choosing Premiere. I assumed he would ask us all to move toward the center to make room for other patrons, but no. He did something that I’ve never seen in a movie theatre. He began to tell us just how popular this movie is and how it is selling out across the country.

He then asked all military to stand for recognition and A FREE BOX OF CANDY. I know you may think that’s not such a big deal, but have you priced candy in a movie theatre, lately? The audience began to applaud the military and the applause went on and on. It was like we couldn’t clap long or hard enough and we had not even seen the movie yet.

Once the movie was over, there was total silence. Not a word was spoken as we exited the theatre. The candy was a generous act. Serving in our military… there are no words. I won’t spoil anything here, just go see it.

8 thoughts on “Generosity in American Sniper

  1. I have seen this movie and would recommend it to everyone. As I watched the movie I was thinking this is what our young men are doing at this instant. After all he did to protect our soldiers he was killed so senselessly and my heart goes out to his family. I commend this manager for recognizing our military and the applause is evidence of how Americans appreciate what they are doing for our country. May God bless them and keep them safe.

  2. Oh Cozinest,
    Your post brought me to tears. I had heard the movie was sold out over the weekend but not that the manager recognized our brave men and women in uniform. How moving. Even such a “small” act of recognition must have had a profound impact on the patrons who were veterans or the parents, spouse, or child of a veteran. And what an impression this must have made on any young people in the audience. I will definitely choose Premiere when we go see American Sniper.

  3. What a fabulous story! I want to see this movie, but am a bit nervous about the violence. It’s usually easier to take when it’s in the context of a true situation like the military and not gratuitous gross stuff.

    When I go, I’ll be sure to go to Premier Cinemas to see it. What a fabulous thing for them to do!

    When I was growing up in Pensacola, the movie theaters would play the national anthem at the beginning of the movie, and everyone would stand. It’s such a big military town that it always drew great respect.

    1. Thanks, Leslie Anne. The violence is not too gross, but where it is, it just adds to the story. Let me know what you think of the movie.

  4. Nice to know there are still people of that caliber out there. That manager may have helped restore my faith in our society. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I’ve heard so many good things about this movie, and they always say that patrons leave in silence. I haven’t seen it yet, but I can only imagine the ending, since I know a little bit about the real hero the movie is about…that said, I truly appreciate the huge turnouts all over our great country, and to know that people are grateful for our heroes and the jobs they do. My hubby spent his career in the USAF and we have a son who is currently serving in the military, so whenever these seemingly small acts of generosity are bestowed on behalf of our military members, it makes me smile. What that manager did was a class act.

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