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Garbage Bowl vs. Scrap Bag

Long before Rachel Ray brought out her garbage bowl for recipe preparation, my husband’s grandmother introduced me to the Hefty Scrap Bag Holder. Affectionately called “Big Mother,” she prepared more meals in her 99 years than I will if I live to be 105.

Before the Scrap Bag Holder

I have prepared countless peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in my life. And there are no telling how many crusts I have cut off the bread. I can’t count the number of seals I’ve cut away from peanut butter jars.  Who knows how many jelly glasses I’ve emptied! I opened my trash door a million times before Big Mother introduced me to the Scrap Bag Holder.

Scrap Bag Holder

The plastic bag holder is simple to snap together.


Once it is snapped into its’ U-shape, it is ready for the Hefty Scrap Bag refills.

Use for Produce Bags

Or…. like I was taught by Big Mother, you use the produce bags you bring home from the grocer. Now, I grant you that it is not as pretty as the garbage bowl…

Garbage Bowl by Rachel Ray

Easy Storage

But when I’m finished cooking something like Thai Peanut Pork Rub, I simply throw away the scrap bag and store my holder away.

Flat Storage

I have had my scrap bag holder for many years and as I feared they are no longer available. However, I searched the internet for a version like this to share with you and found this one from QCI Direct . It is currently selling for about $9.00 compared to the Garbage Bowl at $34.

Which do you prefer? A bowl or a scrap bag? I’d love to know how you dispose of your scraps while preparing your Thai Peanut Pork Rub with Zucchini Noodles.

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