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Freshman Move-In Day

Freshman Move-In Day

Move-in day for college freshman is stressful, exciting, and hard work.  With careful planning, it is a lot easier.  My recent post, 11 Ways to Stay Connected, is a good place to start thinking about future communication. But, here are a few tips from my niece’s actual move in day about how to get them all settled in to their home-away-from-home.

freshman moving day

Family took these pictures with cell phones. I apologize for the quality.  But, you’ll get the picture!

Organizing your packing
Organize your packing. Car #1

Organizing the Cars

Fortunately, my sister is very organized and each car is packed with similar items.  If you look closely, she even had a wardrobe bar installed in her car to keep all her baby’s fashion neat and tidy.

Car #2.
Luggage is loaded in the second car headed to college town.

The luggage is full of blankets, towels, curtains, toiletries and kitchen items.

Yes, it took 3 cars to move our princess to her miniature castle.
Yes, it took 3 cars to move our princess to her miniature castle.

In this car, she packed her brand new customized bedding, cleaning supplies and tools needed for this big day.

Having unloaded the carSSS, they are hard at work getting everything unpacked and set up.

Storage Containers
Unpacking on freshman move-in day isn’t a chore when organized.
A place for everything and everything in it's place.
Mom helps place everything into the dorm room.
My niece and her
My niece (the happy freshman)  and her “other” aunt.
Brand new, customized, extra long twin bedding.
Brand new, customized, extra long twin bedding.

Decorating a Dorm

My sister loves to decorate and the two of them did a great job with the bedding. She purchased the comforter and sham, and then had pillows and bedskirt made to coordinate.  Sheer draperies accent.

My niece moved into her dorm.  They made the bed and hung the curtains. She put her clothes away.

Mom, on the way home.
Mom, on the way home.

The tissue box is handy. This is likely the way every freshman move-in day ends. Kids are excited. Mom cries all the way home.

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