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Fragrances for the Home

I really prefer that my house NOT smell like the dog just drug her butt across the carpet, soooo. I am in constant search of the most divine smelling candles, room sprays and other fragrances for the home. My sweet hubby-do has also become an olfactory specialist. If a shop has a candle section, he is first to pick them up and ask me, “what do you think of this one?”

Now, don’t get me wrong. Our house doesn’t stink. We’re not trying to mask smells, just improve them. Once you start collecting candles, it almost becomes an obsession. One of my projects for this year will be to organize our collection to make room for more. We burn a candle every day.


Candle Collection
Candle Collection


My newest scent came from Jade Boutique in Trussville, AL; the shop featured in this past Fashion Friday post. It is Orange Cream by Aspen Bay Candle Co., and boy do I wish your screen had a scratch n sniff option! It is divine. This is my first from that company. It burned all evening while I wrote about the boutique where I purchased it. I’m such a sap for nostalgic memories. Now every time I burn it, I’ll remember that fabulous day with Ashli Posey.

Orange Cream, by Aspen Bay Candle Company
Orange Cream, by Aspen Bay Candle Company

My newest obsession with fragrances is to have a candle and room spray that are the same scent, that way I don’t have a fruit salad of smells in my house.  I like having one nice scent that welcomes as soon as the door opens. In my opinion, the best place to find this collection is at good ole, Pier 1. I stop in there when they have a sale and stock up. My most recent fragrance is Sea Air.

Once your air is sweetened with the fragrance of your choice, trim the wicks of your candles.  Keeping your wicks properly trimmed will help your candles last longer and keep the flame from smoking up your pretty votives or hurricanes. The best length of the wick is about 1/8 inch which should produce a flame that will do it’s job of melting the wax; which produces that great scent you love.

There are great wick trimmers on sale on the internet, but my suggestion is to look for them in an antique store. Some of the old trimmers have a snuffer built in and they are pretty as well as functional. 

Of course, there are lots of different candle companies.  I’d love to hear from you about your favorite companies and your scent du jour, especially if it helps with the scent of butt-dragging puppy dogs.

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