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Focus Your Lens on National Camera Day

June 29th is National Camera Day. I didn’t know either, so don’t feel too bad. This is going to be such a fun Friday! Take lots of photos and say thank you to the inventors who made it possible for us to keep records of family picnics on Independence Day, and so much more!

Smile for the Camera

Whether you are a collector or like to use cameras to add a touch of vision to a vignette, Daphne Antique Galleria has everything to make your National Camera Day a flash! There are beautiful photos of gorgeous, talented people.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly

Gene Autry

Gene Autry


Connection to the Past

black and white photo album


Stereoscope Viewer

Stereoscope Viewer

stereoscope cards

Stereoscope Cards

Hurricane Tracking

Photos that awe us.

black and white photo

Reminders of fashion, play and how far we’ve come.

Rare Finds for the Collector

8 MM Film Splicer

8 MM Film Splicer

Kodak Disc 6000

Kodak Disc 6000

Kodak Ektralite 10

Kodak Ektralite 10

Add a Touch of Vintage to Your Decor

Vintage Cameras with Case


Camera, case and dress form

Strike a pose with a fashionable camera case.

Reflections of God's Grace

French Blue Photo Banner

Picture Banner

Gone are the days of waiting for pictures to be developed. We take fewer trips to the drug store for our 4 x 6 glossy print. We are our own photographers now. We take lots of selfies. Little did we know that the instant cameras of the past were antiquated before they hit the shelves.

So as you celebrate #NationalCameraDay, plan to get some shots of our patriotism next week. Here are a few tips for getting pics that make your friends shutter with envy!

Red White and Say Cheese

  • Have children wear red, white and blue sunglasses.
  • Get close for pictures of hands holding sparklers.
  • Hang banners, flags and ribbons on your porch. Take family photo with everyone holding a small flag or wearing a red, white and blue hat.
  • Decorate a red flyer wagon and snap a shot of pets wearing patriotic bandanas.
  • Photos of family members eating watermelon, ribs or corn on the cob.
  • Beach photo of family wearing red and blue, with sand as your white prop.
  • Kids draw flags with sidewalk chalk and sit beside them.
  • Create a fun photo booth with flags, hats, sunglasses, sparklers.

Have fun and feel free to share your photos, vignettes or collections on my Facebook page.

Happy 4th

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