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Fashion Friday: The Clothes Tree by Deborah

This past Wednesday at “The Club” in Birmingham, AL, a very fun and exciting fashion show was held featuring models with Darlene Higginbotham of The Real Model Connection, and clothes from The Clothes Tree by Deborah. My mom and I were guests of one of the models, Mrs. Ellen, and had a delicious lunch, met some beautiful faces and found a new place to shop for current styles.

My mom was my secretary and took excellent notes while I took pictures.

Fashion Secretary

This show included great spring fashion as well as a beautiful selection of costume jewelry.

Deborah Wiggins from Deborah’s Clothes Tree is pictured above in the aqua dress, Darlene is sporting her new $6 tangerine scarf and is also pictured in a geometric top worn with leggings.

A bit of history on the family business run by Deborah Wiggins. Their shop is located on Old Rocky Ridge Road in a 2 story French building. They have fashions for the bride and most things she would need for her wedding day in addition to everyday fashion for the style-conscious woman. Deborah’s grandmother, who is 90 years young, started the business 50 years ago and still visits the shop at times to see how things are going. Deborah’s mom is also still involved at 71 and her daughter who graduated from the University of Alabama is in training for the future of the business. So to purchase from The Clothes Tree is to support a truly family run business in our community.

Mrs. Ellen is wearing an abstract top in a variety of colors with black pants and matching jewelry. The earrings are hers.

Linda is wearing a fun black skirt with a sunglass print and black top. It is a sheer skirt with shorts underneath that is perfect for the beach or anywhere this summer. Pattie is wearing an orange lace dress, Trish is wearing a flowing pair of black and white pants with a red tied shirt. Her wide-rimmed sunglasses give her a Jackie-esk look. Judy sports a lovely outfit in aqua pants and a crinkled multi-colored top. Judy’s haircut is so cute and certainly gives her a very fashionable edge in any outfit.

The Clothes Tree by Deborah

Billie looks much better than my photo demonstrates in this gorgeous black and white with pink strip, dress. Ginny is looking so fresh and spring-like in the green/white striped top and white pants. Staci looks just like Jane Kradowski of 30 Rock fame and I had to add this profile of her smile. This animal print dress wants to be hanging in my closet.

The Clothes Tree

This perfectly vertical striped dress would flatter any figure, looks marvelous on Dallas, and the accessories add just the right pop of color. Another dress that is singing to me, because the stripe at the shoulder draws the eye up and the black slims and flatters. The multi-colored top that Barbara is gliding across the floor in, reminds me of Andy Warhol with all the different faces. It is a top with a lovely vest that flows and is a breathable fabric that will keep you cool in the summer. The blue pants portray the trend of this season, by not being too “matchy-matchy” to the top.

The Clothes Tree by Deborah

Cindy is ready for a hot summer day with her white shorts, black sleeveless top and hat.

The Clothes Tree by Deborah

Here we see Linda again (aka Mimi), in a beautiful bi-level floral dress with a yellow belt that sets off the rainbow of colors.  Kay articulates the architectural design involved in fashion perfectly, in this pair of green skinny pants and lovely gray linen sleeveless top. The green knotted necklace completes this outfit.

The Clothes Tree

Pauline is so slim and attractive in these black and white striped pants. Her top is a black crocheted sweater with a white top underneath. As you can see in the top left picture, there is a black stripe inserted in the in-seam that adds an extra slimming feature.

The Clothes Tree

Pattie is so pretty in this white lace dress that would be perfect for a graduation, summer wedding or on Easter Sunday.

The Clothes Tree

Mrs. Ellen is bright and cheerful in this 3 piece red and orange skirt set.

The Clothes Tree

Femininity is Billie’s middle name in this gorgeous lace dress with a silver sash. This dress would suit any mother of the bride for an afternoon wedding, tea or bridal luncheon. The Clothes Tree has many options for weddings, prom, homecoming or any formal function.

The Clothes Tree

Ginny is wearing a great transitional outfit for between seasons. The long sleeve light orange top is cool enough for an outdoor luncheon, but warm enough to wear out at night as well. And how fun are these three-dimensional neon pants? And then we have the “devil with the blue dress on.” Stacy is

“the devil with the blue dress, blue dress, blue dress,
Devil with the blue dress on”

The Clothes Tree

How sporty is Trish in her Annie Lilly pants and top by Drew? The black and white asymmetrical top and black pants were sold right off of Judy and Dallas shows us just how flirty this dress is by giving us a few dance moves.

The Clothes Tree

Barbara reflects the pattern of a kaleidoscope in this neon colored top and black pants, Cindy is dressed for cocktail hour in this silk dress by Nicole Miller. Silk and vertical stripes would be slimming on most figures. I need a wish list. And then we have Kay who knows how to wrap a scarf. This outfit is perfect for just about any occasion with the fuschia skirt, architectural top and the fashionably wrapped scarf.

I love fashion shows with real people who model with personality and show us how to wear clothes in an everyday situation. IMG_1055


My sweet mother-in-love was also in attendance with her friend, Peggy and several other ladies. Ellen was kind enough to pose for a picture with them for me.

All the models, with Darlene, Deborah Wiggins and her assistant.

Deborah is such a friendly young lady and very knowledgable about how to pull off every look at every age. Stop by The Clothes Tree and see their shop. You are sure to go home with something fun and flirty.

This fashion show was styled, produced and directed by Darlene Real-Higginbotham. She is the founder of The Real Model Connection and President of Appearance Matters, Inc. She is also a fashion stylist and coach. If you would like to contact her for a style update, call her at 205-902-4808.

Darlene Real-Higginbotham


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