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Fashion Friday: Southern Femme

Ladies, you are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my future Fashion Friday posts. I have met the Birmingham version of “Stacy London” of  What Not to Wear fame. She is the owner of Southern Femme in Mountain Brook, which she “created as a way to share her fashion adventures, inspirations, and her most coveted style tips with Southern women.”

She has traveled the fashion world with stops in Paris, London and Florence. She worked for a period of time in New York City – the fashion capital of the world – where she studied with some of the best “trend forecasters.” The slower pace of the south was calling her name, though, and she returned to her southern roots, bringing all of her fabulous experience to us. We are so lucky to have her here.

Dress Form
Dress Form

As she and I talked this week, I couldn’t help but get SOOOO excited about all she is going to help me with over the next few months. The wealth of information she is going to teach me will then be shared with you on Fashion Friday’s. There is so much to learn, that I may have to do fashion posts for the over-40-woman more than one day a week.

My homework until our next visit is to read a book about fashion and go through fashion magazines marking everything and anything that I love.  So far I’m seeing a pattern of classics, monochromatic color schemes, black and white, messy haircuts, natural makeup, red lipstick and quilted purses.

Southern Femme Office
Southern Femme Office

The following pictures are of me and Megan in her very chic office. The one of the two of us will suffice as the before picture. Stay tuned to Fashion Friday: Southern Femme to see how Megan transforms my style, streamlines my shopping strategy to save me money and gives me a complete makeover from head to toe. Megan “savors the ‘ah ha’ moments of her clients when they discover new outfit combinations in what they thought was their ‘boring’ wardrobe, or lighting up when that perfect outfit for their daughter’s wedding comes to life.” I’m looking forward to many “ah ha” moments over the next few months.

Dress form in a lovely sitting room.
Dress form in a lovely sitting room.

Over the next few months we are going to:

  1. Discover my personal style and body type.
  2. Totally and completely cleanse my closet-Stacy and Clinton style-but privately and with kindness!
  3. Cleanse my accessories.
  4. Go on shopping excursions to fill in holes in my wardrobe. (Can’t wait for this one!)
  5. She will create a look book for me that includes 8-12 looks for EVERY occasion.
  6. She will teach me to accessorize like a pro, complete with instructions of how to tie scarves in multiple ways.
  7. We will have a Color Theory Session where I will learn how to mix and match colors from my NEW, CLEANSED wardrobe.
  8. I will have a hair session with one of her chosen stylists and get a totally new do.
  9. I will take ALL of my cosmetics to her office and meet with her makeup artist who will cleanse my cosmetics of things that are absolutely wrong for my skin. He/she will then give me a whole new look.
  10. Then at the conclusion of all this fun, I will have a day at the spa for a customized one-on-one session to meet my personal skin care, eyebrow and nailcare needs.
Kim with Megan LaRussa of Southern Femme
Me with Megan LaRussa of Southern Femme

For the record, I wore a hat on this VERRRY cold day, so my hair may be the first thing she wants to “makeover!” The second thing was my belt. She loved the outfit, but when I asked about the belt, she said she would soon share with me the proper way to wear a belt for my body type.  I took it off! This is going to be so enlightening and F U N!


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