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Fashion Friday – Heels with Jingtinglers

I have a new friend. We met in blog world first and in the real one yesterday. It was at this meeting that Fashion Friday for today was born. You see she is a beautiful lady, funny, loved by many in the fair city of Fairhope and has an incredible sense of humor. I liked her blog the first time I read it and when I met her in person, I liked her immediately.

We talked about our families, our blogs, our hopes and our dreams. And had I not looked up from my cup of tea for a second I would have missed the fashion icon that strolled through Latta Da` Coffee Shop a few minutes into our talk.

I was astonished when he entered and just sat there with my mouth open for a second, but not Hope.  Oh no, she was up with camera in hand immediately and started snapping shots. I closed my mouth and blinked my star-struck eyes and jerked into gear to get my own photos.

He has used colors in ways – you don’t know the reason.

He was an imposter in the early stages of his fashion season…

By copying the pattern of a hat and a coat, but don’t let me distract you or misquote…

He’s been known for wearing his shoes 2 sizes to tight,

And his trim of choice will mostly likely be white.

He is a loner – lives with his dog and hates all noise.

People aren’t his thing, so none he employs.

His diet of choice – likely vegetarian, as he hates roast beast.

But neither is he a baker, no not in the least.

Stockings? – He is NOT a fan.

Neither does he support a stock purchase plan.

For 53 years, he worked on his dream and used black thread

To adorn one little head.

He hates all dancers who wear jingtinglers tied on their heels.

But he’s been responsible for delivering meals on wheels.

You see, he used to hate those he now loves,

Some of the Who’s down in Whoville who whisper like doves.

And now he is listening, no longer puzzling and puzzling,

Christmas is coming and there’s no more bumfuzzling.

Red and green are his colors of choice,

Without hesitation, we now all rejoice.

For we now know the reason for his fashion treason.

His heart which was once two sizes too small,

Is now just the right size for Merry Christmas to all.

Shoes that are two sizes too small.
Shoes that are two sizes too small.

And to my new friend, Hope from The Fairhope Supply Co.., what a fun day!!!

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