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Fashion Friday: Derma-planing

Today, I am showing you an inside look at my derma-planing appointment with Skin So Perfect here in Fairhope, AL. If you are ever in the area, you should schedule a massage, facial or any of their incredible services. My skin is so soft after my appointment, and with the plan we have for future appointments, I may wake up looking 22. (Boy, don’t I wish! I weighed 100 pounds back then!) Anyway, I’ve been looking in the mirror lately and the wrinkles are showing the time. In the words of Truvy from Steel Magnolias, time has been “marching across my face.”

It is time to halt the march. If you, (like me) don’t have a regular skin care regimen, adopt one immediately. Here’s my plan:

  • Drink LOTS of water.
  • Use sunscreen daily.
  • Cleanse and moisturize using products for my skin type DAILY.
  • Treat myself to a facial as often as I can, no less than once/year.
  • Add other treatments as my face needs and my budget allows.

I’ve found Sacha at Skin So Perfect and he is now under a lot of pressure to bring my skin back to life. Here I am as Sacha explains that he is going to use a surgical scalpel to scrape dead skin and fine hairs off of my entire face.

Derma-Planing Before.jpg

After cleansing my face of all makeup, my face is wrapped in a warm towel.

Towel Face.jpg

I’ll go ahead and warn you. This is the best picture of my face. The next step is the derma-planing. With a scalpel. On my face.


And this is so gross! I had so much dead skin that Sacha could show it to me on two washcloths. You only get to see one, because I have a weak stomach.

Dead Skin.jpg

After wiping off the dead skin, my skin was refreshed with a moisturizer, and voila…soft skin, without baby hair and don’t look too closely… WITHOUT MAKEUP!

Derma-planing After.jpg

I may not look too pretty here, but let me tell you, my face was as soft as a butterfly kiss. I made my next appointment with Sacha with Mr. John, who’s wife is the aesthetician. Did I mention that this is family-owned business?

Mr. John.jpg

I am a HUGE supporter of family-owned businesses. I avoid chains as often as possible, so this was a jackpot for moi!

Skin So Perfect.jpg

And here is the after. Still not so pretty, but a girl only has so much makeup in her purse (and no hairbrush!). Regardless, my experience was great, my skin feels terrific, and it didn’t hurt at all. Not even my pocket book! Very reasonable pricing at Skin So Perfect, so if you go in, tell them you heard about them on CoziNest!

After Derma-planing.jpg

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