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Fashion Friday: A Love Letter


Dear Fashion,

As Valentine’s Day nears, I want to tell you all the ways that I love you. I remember the first day we met. I was shopping with my mom in a boutique that has long since gone out of business. There you were, my first recognition of true love in the fashion world. A simple mint green pair of pants and a barnyard screen-print t shirt by Bobbie Brooks. Don’t judge me, it was around 1971-2. It was love at first sight.

You were, however, out of my league. Too good for a little old country girl like me. I begged my mom to let me take you home with me, but the budget was tight and I had to beg for quite a while, before she relented. I’m sure whatever she was in love with that day didn’t go home with us, but you did.

I was so excited to show you off at school the next day. Compliments were plenty, as several girls wanted a relationship like ours. That was the day I fell in love with you. You see, before you, Fashion, I was just a skinny, brown-eyed, brunette with too curly hair and lots of homemade hand-me-down outfits from a neighbor. You and I met very seldom after that, but every time I had the privilege of choosing you over hand-me-downs, I fell in love all over again.

I’m so very happy for you this week. Thousands have gathered in New York City to honor you and I’m disappointed that I’m not one of them. I’m so thankful though, that I have a computer and can watch some of the shows live as they happen. You have so many characteristics to admire.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2014 has lots of photos for those of us involved with a love affair with you. As I’ve studied your photos, I’ve found several that are my favorites. In general, Fall of 2014 Fashion will be filled with lots of sheer fabric and metallics. What a stud muffin you are!

Adeam had lots of pink, gray and taupe. Angel Sanchez reminded me of sheet metal, while Badgley Mischka was soft and feminine. So many facets to your personality. Jenny Packman made me wish I had an after-five event on the calendar so you could take me out on the town.

Jay Godfrey reminded me of a dark street that I’d only want to walk down with you; Carolina Herrera, oh my! Her orange, white and blue made me want to share a sunset with you. Lela Rose was so divine in her soft lines and most pieces seem wearable for the average woman who’s in love with you. This part of your personality makes me so glad to be part of your life.

Naeem Khan was simply lovely. Nicole Miller shows your fun side with peacock feathers and let’s be sure to be home at Noon by Noor so we can enjoy your brilliant colors.

Michael Kors’ warm fabrics will bring comfort on cool days. I look forward to cuddle time. And oh dear, a must have for me is the Betsy Johnson Pendant. Red is for love.

Fashion, you’ve made so many love you. And is it any wonder? For while we may not be able to hold your hand, run through meadows toward sunsets, blow away dandelions or chase a full moon with you. It is you that steps onto the bus for that first day of school with us. You march down the aisle with us, you carry our handkerchiefs for funerals, and when the lens is focused at our family gatherings, it is you that we will remember. As we run our hands over those shots in the future, we will remember you. “I remember that hat, those gloves, or when those shoes were in style.” It is you that will bring a certain smell to our memory when we hugged our daddy in his Sunday suit.

Fashion, I do love you, and thank you for the many times you’ve made me feel special or important, but most of all, I thank you for the value you’ve added to my days. Haute couture may be a hidden platform for the masses, but my ready-to wear wardrobe has made me feel pretty on many a day and for that I am grateful.

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