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How to Have an Eye-Opening Naptime

An Eye-Opening Naptime

Is there one person in history that you are positive you would never want to be? There are several on my list. I know I would not want to be Hitler, Pontius Pilate and believe it or not, I would not want to be the character, Rip Van Winkle. I have been taking a Sunday nap since my kids were old enough to take care of themselves and now my body automatically begins to slow down about 2 pm. But, who wants to fall asleep for twenty years? Twenty minutes to an hour in my bedroom and I feel like I’ve had a mini-vacation. So I thought I would share with you how to have an eye-opening naptime.

Fluffing the Pillows

I close the door, turn on the ceiling fan and fluff my pillows. The shutters are closed and the room is cool and dark. It’s funny that my pets know when it’s naptime, too and will meet me at the side of the bed to be placed on their respective pillows. The house is quiet and I can hear the low hum of a neighbor’s lawn mower. It is time to forget the worries of the day. I can abandon thoughts of who the heck to vote for in November, any family issues or personal concerns.

my nap buddy

It’s like a weekly intermission complete with a cup of Chamomile Tea, a fruit plate and my favorite magazines. For the first few minutes I work on my planner for the upcoming week, making a list of tasks, errands, menus and blog posts. It’s amazing how quickly I can doze off after my week is planned. Then I flip through a magazine or begin a movie. Usually a chick flick!

preparing for nap

The Little Known Benefits of an Adult Naptime

Lounging with Sleepless in Seattle, While You Were Sleeping or Bogey and Bacall’s The Big Sleep, helps me drift off easily because I’ve seen them so many times. A quick 40 winks and I feel better than new.

  • Naps help to restore sharpness of mind
  • I make less mistakes
  • I’ve learned that my little catnaps help me not to be too drowsy while driving
  • My mood is improved
  • I have more energy

So when I wake up and open my eyes, I concentrate on the tranquility and peace of the moment. I’m refreshed and ready to face the upcoming week. Do you have a perfect naptime?

Small Fruit Tray


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